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Our Top 5 Kitchen Mixer Taps

by Lilian D on July 21, 2021
Our Top 5 Kitchen Mixer Taps

Do you feel like your kitchen missing style? You would be surprised to know a simple upgrade to that kitchen mixer tap can do wonders for your space.

Kitchen sink taps are usually not prioritized when it comes to refreshing that kitchen look. It finds itself sitting at the bottom of the list of things that need to be decided on. We take more focus on deciding what kitchen splash back, furniture or kitchen appliances we want.

However, the impact of a well-chosen kitchen mixer tap can elevate the overall look of your space.

Wellson's is here to help you and in no particular order we have selected our favorite 5 kitchen mixers that is bound to give your kitchen makeover added character.

5 Kitchen Sink Taps to Heighten Your Modern Style

Kitchen tap designs have come a long way since its origins, with major practical and superficial improvements.

Wellsons offers a diverse range of kitchen mixers in all shapes, sizes and functionality allowing you to find the perfect fit for your specific style. We have chosen our favourite 5 kitchen taps to complete your kitchen.

1. Nero Dolce Pull Out Kitchen Mixer with Veggie Spray Function

A simple and classic addition for modern kitchens, the Nero Dolce Pull Out kitchen mixer tap is the quintessential combination of style and functionality. It is inevitable this piece will bright up your space with it's contemporary brushed nickel finish and modish curved look.


Nero Dolce Pull Out Kitchen Mixer With Veggie Spray Function - Brushed Nickel

The Dolce kitchen mixer with vege spray has features of a central swivel spout and pull-out vegetable spray nozzle. Welcome adaptability to your fingertips by switching between normal water flow and a shower-like spray based on your needs.

The hot and cold lever allows you to easily adjust for the perfect temperature with its single modular handle. The longevity of the kitchen mixer is reinforced in its constructed from solid brass and to add to your confidence, there is a 7 year warranty on the product.


2. Fienza Eleanor Shepherds Crook Sink Mixer

Do you prefer a more traditional look? The Eleanor collection offered by Fienza will help you achieve a country or traditional look with its modern vintage design. It is the perfect choice to give your old-fashion style kitchen a contemporary feel with a timeless tapware. The Eleanor Shepards Crook Sink Mixer is available in a variety of PVD finishes which radiates a luxurious polished look. The brushed look is one of the most functional finishes as it does not show fingerprints easily and compliments well with kitchen appliances and sinks.


Fienza Eleanor Shepherds Crook Sink Mixer - Champagne / Ceramic

The spout has a rotatable swivel and allows you to direct the water precisely, while the sink mixers decorative ceramic white single lever handle adds another level of character to the Eleanor Shepherds Crook Sink Mixer. The quality brass construction boosts the longevity and durability of the mixer and minimises the likelihood of rust and corrosion. While the cost is dearer than other mixers, you will tend to save money in the long-term as you won't be required to replace the unit as regularly.

3. Green Alfresco Spring Sink Mixer

 Moving away from the traditional kitchen style, is the unconventional Alfresco Spring Sink Mixer - an additional touch to complete the modern feel of your space. A spring neck mixer often emanates an industrial look which is coveted in a contemporary kitchen. Its heavy-duty and sturdy nature comes from its construction of 304 grade stainless steel.

Greens Alfresco Spring Sink Mixer - Stainless Steel

The Alfresco Spring Sink Mixer as you would have guessed is a spring-loaded pull out tap. The purpose of the spring is to act as a resistance when you pull the hose further and further out. The harder it gets there will be more resistance from the spring. Having a spring loaded taps can mean the pull out attachment will sit perfectly in its housing unlike other weighted taps. This Alfresco Spring Sink Mixer adds a commercial touch for those self-proclaimed home master chefs.

4. ADP Indi Square Sink Mixer 2-in 1 Pure Water Solutions

 The essence of a minimalist style, the Indi Square Sink Mixer is an impressive budget alternative that also caters to all your needs. It has a bold geometric form which is complimented with a chrome and matte black finish, a refreshing approach to the classical tapware style.

ADP Indi Square Sink Mixer 2-in-1 Pure Water Solution - Matte Black / Chrome

With a modest pin lever handle allowing you to easily switch between hot, cold and purified drinking water, you will be undoubtedly loving the practicality. The aerator tap provides a 'soft', frothy type flow that is more water-efficient than the standard flow which is ideal for rinsing vegetables and fruits, cleaning and filling pots and pans. It is an exemplary piece committed in delivering convenience and to you.

5. Fienza Lincoln Swivel Sink Mixer

 A premium product with a two-tone finish creates that modern ambiance, this Lincoln Swivel Sink Mixer emits high-end aura with its shape and style. The slanted shape of the stainless steel body brings a layer of depth and character to this piece, added with the uniquely shaped matte black electroplated handle - it will be focal point of your kitchen.  
Lincoln Swivel Sink Mixer - Matte Black / Chrome

A single-lever mixer is an effective solution that will elevate any and every kitchen. Along with a 15 year warranty, this sophisticated piece is bound to be the missing piece of the kitchen puzzle.

Need more lovin'?

We understand that for some kitchens, a quick tap will not solve the problem. In these circumstances, these kitchens are just in need for a little more love and care, that is why we are bringing to you more guides and inspirations to help you achieve your desired space.

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