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Award winning design

Outstanding Features

2 AU Socket
1.8 Metre Cord
Manual Lift


Introducing NOVOHAUS' innovative pop-up power stations, reshaping power accessibility in your kitchen, office and beyond. The quest for the perfect power solution is over. Simultaneously charge multiple devices, rapidly, effortlessly and neatly, with our convenient Australian standard power points and USB charging stations that can accommodate most USB chargeable devices. The uniquely stylish design of the ML1, available in numerous colour choices, is certain to make your space distinct.

Product Overview The NOVOHAUS ML1 is an innovative pop-up power module designed specifically for kitchen use. It showcases a gleaming silver lid and includes two power sockets and two USB charging ports. The ML1 is manually activated by pulling the lid, which ordinarily sits flat but can be elevated to about 2cm when pressed. Once the lid is up, the entire unit can be further raised to its complete height.

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Technical Info

Colour Design: Silver Lid, Silver Body, Black Power Points
Constructed From: PVC, ABS & Aluminium
Guarantee: 2-Year Warranty
Stock Availability: Greenacre, NSW, Australia
Power Points: Two Australian Power Outlets, One USB-A, One USB-C
Packaging Dimensions: 33 x 15 x 13 cm
Package Weight (Including Product): 1.2kg
Product Weight (Excluding Packaging): 0.95kg

Electrical Specifications:

Power Cord Length: 1.8m (Single Outlet)
Wire Type: H05VV-F [3*1.5mm2]
Plug Design: Australian Plug (XH022B)
Protection Level: IP20
Nominal Voltage: 240v at 50Hz
Nominal Current: 10A, Total 2400w
Operating Climate: 0 – 40 C or 32 – 104 F
USB Charger Specifications:
Input Power: 240v AC at 50Hz, 10A
Output Power (A+C): DC 5v, 3.1a, Total 15.5w.

Product FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the model automatically spring up when in use?
A: No, the model needs to be manually pulled up from the surface to activate it. However, we also offer motorized models that can automatically pop up at the press of a button.

Q: What should I do if I encounter any issues with the product after the warranty period?
A: Our units are designed and tested to withstand normal use for many years. In the event that your product develops an issue outside of the warranty period, we provide an affordable repair or replacement service.

Q: Is there an after-sales service available? How can I contact you?
A: Yes, we offer after-sales service. You can reach us by phone through our "request a call back" feature. Simply provide your name and phone number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need a licensed electrician to install this product?
A: No, there is no need for electrical work to install this product. We have designed it with a standard AU-fitted plug, allowing you to plug it into any power socket below the installation surface.

Q: What is the warranty claim process in case of product issues?
A: If your product malfunctions within the warranty period, we will repair or replace it free of charge. We maintain digital records with product serial numbers for every order, so you don't need to worry about keeping your receipt.

About the Brand

About Novohaus:
Novohaus stands as the premier producer of retractable, pop-up power outlets and electrical fittings for residential and commercial spaces. Committed to enhancing power accessibility, Novohaus pioneers product innovation, diligent customer insights, and a meticulous attention-to-detail culture.

What's in the box
  • NOVOHAUS ML1 pop up power point

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