7 Modern Bathroom Vanity Styles For Your Remodel in 2022

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7 Modern Bathroom Vanity Styles For Your Remodel in 2022

The modern bathroom can be defined as a landscape where there are clean lines, geometric spaces, and uncluttered spaces on surfaces such as benchtops. To achieve a contemporary bathroom space, a forward-thinking design approach is required. We have a few remodeling tips to equip your bathroom space with an up-to-date, elegant, and functional bathroom. 

The central focus of a modern bathroom is to create a clean layout with state-of-the-art features to leave your space looking tidy and uncluttered. Regardless of your budget or the size of your bathroom - a practical and functional design approach is the key to achieving a contemporary bathroom.

Before we start enumerating the different types of bathroom vanities, here’s a sneak peek into popular bathroom vanity ideas.

Vibrant Bathroom Vanity

If neglected - your bathroom can be one of the dingiest spots in your home. Working on your bathroom design is not all about installing expensive fittings but organizing storage in the right way. Using functional bathroom vanities that are stylish and have sufficient storage can do the trick. The utilization of bold colors in your bathroom interiors can uplift the mood and vibe. Even small bathrooms which are well planned can host a variety of colors without looking overdone. 

Customized Bathroom Design Vanity Ideas

With every bathroom, the layout will differ significantly. One of the benefits of a custom-made vanity is that it will suit the design and floor plan you have in mind. With endless choices - you can create vanities ranging in different sizes to suit the powder room or the ensuite in your master bedroom. Another bonus of a customized vanity is being able to customize down to the draw add ons such as in-draw powerpoint and lights.

Single or Double basin vanities

Wellsons offers a wide vanity of space-saving vanities which is perfectly suited for small bathrooms. An ensuite sized vanity with a semi-recessed basin gives you the practicality of a large basin in a small space. In spacious bathrooms, you can consider installing a double basin vanity with the main benefit of extra space in the drawers and additional counter space. A double basin vanity is a highly functional design for couples. 

Top 7 Vanity Styles For Your Bathrooms

We have 7 vanity styles and ideas to help inspire you for your bathroom makeover.

Petite Bathroom Vanity

Known as ADP vanities, Architectural Designer Products is a family-owned business established in 2001. Their vanity collection is regarded as one of the most innovative bathroom furniture and befitting for contemporary homes. ADP vanities are stylishly crafted with the latest technology, cutting-edge hardware, and modern machinery that make a signature appearance in bathrooms. The premium vanity designs render durable quality and allow customers to experience the luxury of installing plush customized bathroom fittings. Elegant and practical, ADP vanities provide ample space for hosting all your toiletries.  

ADP Petite Vanity with Kickboard

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To maintain the quality and finish on your cabinets, a soft cloth and a non-abrasive detergent or a weak solution are to be used.

If you are looking for a compact freestanding vanity design for your bathroom, check out this modern petite vanity design with an elegant kickboard that can be easily detached. The available size options are 400mm and 500mm, you can select them based on your requirement.

This bathroom vanity flaunts wood grain cabinets with a projection of 220mm. The ADP Petite vanity has a 1-liter overflow capacity. The matching woodgrain interior completes the look to adorn your modern bathroom with a minimalistic look. If the natural color of wood doesn’t appeal to you or match the bathroom aesthetics, you can check out the white polyurethane cabinets. The petite vanity comes with a white satin interior.

The perfect space-saver bathroom vanity design sports a side bevel-grip handle on the door to enable smooth accessibility. The European polymarble top defines its silhouette with a reversible overflow that can move right or left. Perfect for small bathrooms, the vanity also features adjustable shelves. The petite vanity has soft close hinges that prevent the cabinet door from banging or making any loud noise.

You can get a customized petite vanity equipped with handles and cabinet finishes of your choice. There is a plethora of premium handles that you can choose from to add a plush look.

The modern petite bathroom vanity is easy to maintain. You can rub it down with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution. Although the vanity is created with high resistance, installing your vanities at least 300mm away from your bath is best as excessive moisture and water can damage them.

Wall Hung Style Vanities With Floating Shelves

If you wish to refurbish your bathrooms, a wall-mounted vanity can make a perfect solution for compact spaces. Wall hung vanities create an illusion of space as it is mounted onto the wall. Modern wall hung vanities paired with wall taps create an airy and spacious look to your bathroom. 

Unlike pedestal sinks, you can fix wall-hung vanity cabinets to the wall at the desired elevation. This is ideal for bathrooms for children as you can mount it at a lower height. Wall-mounted vanities use space efficiently and are ideal for narrow spaces as well. They are perfect for powder rooms, guest rooms, and master bathrooms. 

A wall hung vanity is without a doubt one that will give the bathroom a modern look and allow for extra storage space underneath. The practicality of a wall hung vanity with the added aesthetic appeal makes it one of the top choices when it comes to creating a modern bathroom. 

Chateau Wall Hung Vanity 

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Product Features:

  • Chateau Wall Hung Vanity is available in 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm
  • Shaker fronts with 'V' groove in the range to offer a traditional look suited to country homes

If you are scouting for a show stopping vanity, check out Chateau Wall Hung Vanity. This vanity is available in sizes ranging from 600mm to 1800mm and sports a V-groove to fit the conventional bathroom styles. It is customizable, you can complement it with handpicked benchtop finishes that compliment your bathroom design and layout. You can also pick from a variety of handle options that come in different colors and shapes.  

Floor Standing Vanities

Opting for a freestanding vanity is the best way to make a statement in your bathroom. Floor standing vanities often convey a timeless and classic atmosphere. You can install vanities that sport drawers and cabinets or choose from the standalone designs that don’t feature any extra storage facility. 

Floor standing vanities are available in a range of makes, designs, and finishes to complete the picture of your modern bathroom. With designs varying from contemporary to country to Victorian-era. There is bound to be a design that will help you achieve the look you desire. You can get a customized look with special features from single to double doors, four doors to multiple drawers. 

Regardless of the chosen exterior design or style, you can rest assured that all vanities are created to maximize modern functionality, convenience, and storage options as required.

Bowral Floor Standing Vanity 

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Product Features:

  • The Bowral range suits a provincial styled bathroom with its shaker profile.
  • Bowral Floor Standing Vanity is available in 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm
  • Option to change the kickboard for legs
  • Option to choose 0 taphole, 1 taphole and 3 tapholes

Suitable for traditional bathrooms, but is never old-fashioned is the Bowral Floor Standing vanity. This design comes with intriguing features and durable fittings. The cabinet size is available in multiple heights and comes with the choice of either a kickboard or legs. The double drawer configuration promises an impressive space for stacking all your bathroom essentials. Paired with a sleek matching mirror mountable on the wall enhances the aesthetics of this vanity piece. If you prefer an all-drawer, the Bowral Floor standing vanity offers this option too!

Compact Vanities with Drawer

A small bathroom should not be a deterrent when it comes to installing a stylish bathroom cabinet. You can find elegant small vanities that are compact and perfect for condensed spaces. From freestanding compact designs to wall hung bathroom vanity units, you can find different designs in this category. Designing small bathrooms can be challenging but selecting the right vanity will create a mirage of a bigger space. You can go for the petite counters that look compact and fit all your necessities without adding to the fuss. 

Compact vanities for bathrooms can be tailor-made to fit your existing bathroom decor. You can get models accessorized with finishes to match your bathroom accessories. 

For a spick-and-span bathroom look, compact vanities offer an integrated design that can accommodate anything from your toilet tissue rolls to bath towels and more. Modern compact models can feature a couple of shelves and drawers too! Compact vanities may not provide the extravagance of a broad countertop, but you can always have a space reserved for your handwash or a couple of essential toiletries.

Regardless of which vanity you decide to install, make sure you base your choice on practical aspects. A small bathroom can accommodate a compact vanity, while you can find larger designs to complement the dimensions of larger spaces. Determine your personal needs, storage requirement, and family size to help you make a comprehensive decision on which design and vanity size you will require.

ADP Hide Vanity

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Product Features:

  • Hide Vanity with Kickboard is a floor mount vanity
  • The depth of 220mm
  • Gloss White or Matte Black ceramic vanity top finish with an integrated basin
  • 1 taphole
  • Fresh white interior with an adjustable shelf


An innovative, compact vanity idea for a small bathroom that can fit your contemporary powder room is the ADP Hide Vanity. This petite vanity is 220mm deep and flaunts a classical white interior. The poly-marble top with a perfectly sized overflow sits pretty on the rectangular block. The finger pull doors are soft-close doors that have high-quality hinges which can be installed on the left or right-hand side.

Corner Modern Vanities

Choosing bathroom vanities is not always dependent on the size of your bathroom. Other factors such as plumbing can play an important role. Often overlooked in a bathroom are the corners and they remain primarily under-utilized. Being able to utilize corners of rooms can prove to maximize the overall space in the bathroom. A corner vanity in a large sized bathroom can in turn produce additional bench space, whilst the same vanity in a small bathroom can increase floor space. 

You can shop for corner cabinets in diverse makes and sizes. Corner vanities come in wall hung and floor standing options. Vanities can be paired with customized shaving cabinets. From minimalistic designs to elaborate styles, there are styles suited for every bathroom. 

ADP Emporia Corner Vanity

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All Architectural Designer Products (ADP) are all made to order within Australia.



If you are looking for a corner vanity with a shelf, take a look at the ADP Emporia Corner Vanity. You can fit this model to your desired configuration to suit an unutilized corner of your bathroom. The vanity is customizable in various benchtop finishes such as acrylic, cast marble, or a solid surface countertop to suit your bathroom décor. The premium graphite interior lends the vanity a smooth finish inside out.

The ADP Emporia Corner vanity comes in sizes ranging from 600mm to 1200mm. This cabinet provides you with enough room to park all your bathroom essentials in an organized manner and offers a depth of 600mm. You can select from solid surface basins or ceramic basins to suit your design. The universal plug and waste comes in various finishes which can be selected to match your tapware.

Coastal vanities by Marquis

Marquis has been manufacturing vanities inspired by their hometown located on the North Coast of NSW since 1979. The family-owned business has been providing designer vanities that offer a collection of coastal vanities in four unique designs.

A pioneer in the industry of creating vanities, Marquis has a significant offering to make a modern bathroom. In addition to their four coastal collections, Marquis has a large ranging design of vanities suitable for all styles. Catering for those who are looking for large cabinets, smaller vanity units, compact standalone vanities, double sink or single sink vanities, wall hung, or free-standing cabinets; you can shop for an array of vanity from Marquis.


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Product Features:

  • Coastal inspired collection with thermolaminated fluted timber grain design
  • Boca Wall Hung Vanity is available in 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm
  • Includes an above the counter basin
  • Crafted in Australia

Marquis Cove Wall hung Vanityis a popular vanity style with its distinctive Thermo laminated fluted timber grain design that creates a unique statement for the bathroom. The vanity features pull out compartments and centrally aligned drawers, making a stunning addition to your bathroom

Inset Vanities by Timberline

Timberline vanities are curated with cutting-edge features and are crafted with a unique design. You can choose from free-standing vanities to wall hung units in various configurations, colors, handles, countertops, and basins. This flexibility allows you to get a truly unique bathroom vanity designed specifically for your home. Timberline vanity is constructed with the finest quality materials. 

Timberline vanities have sturdy hardware that guarantees lifetime durability. The solid backs offer exceptional strength to ensure that your vanity stands tall and is stable. 

Check out Timberline Victoria Wall Hung Vanity, perfect for your exquisite bathroom. The classic shaker-style doors make this floating vanity unit a signature piece of furniture. Whether it is in the guest bathroom, main bathroom, or powder room; this elegant vanity is suitable in any space. The classic integrated soft-close drawers with full extension runners are a delight to handle. Timberline provides a complimentary bamboo finger that provides for joint storage transfer inside the drawer.


While there are different styles of vanity options available, finding the one that best suits your bathroom interior might require a little bit of research and also a little more money than you thought you had to spend, but you don't usually change your vanity frequently so getting once for all is a good idea.