Charcoal Tiles

Charcoal Bathroom Tiles

Charcoal tiles create stunning bathrooms and are the perfect addition to stylish family homes. They not only look beautiful, but are functional and comfortable under foot, making them one of the most frequently requested charcoal bathroom tiles in the Wellsons collection.

Planning Your Dream Charcoal Tile Bathroom

If you’re starting to think about creating a beautiful new charcoal tile bathroom, then you’ve come to the right place! Wellsons has been helping Australian families, property owners and DIY superstars create the homes of their dreams for over 20 years.

Design experts choose to shop with us because we offer one of the best online collections of bathroom supplies. From tiles and flooring to basins, baths and vanities, you’ll always be able to find the perfect addition to your home.

If you’re not able to find the exact colour, materials or style you’re searching for, then we’ll likely be able to help. Explore our bestselling brands and contact our team with any questions.

Why Choose Charcoal Floor Tiles

There are so many benefits to creating a charcoal tile bathroom! Whether you’re aiming to create a subtle and stylish concrete look for your property, or choose a safe and non-slip surface suitable for the whole family, Wellsons charcoal bathroom tiles will help you achieve your design vision.

If you’re planning a renovation project there are so many advantages to working with our talented team! You’ll find a selection of industry-leading tiles in an array of styles, shapes and materials.

You can always trust our floor tiles to work correctly and fit perfectly, giving your bathroom the perfect bespoke finish.

Choose the Perfect Tiles in 5 Simple Steps

There are many factors to consider when choosing bathroom tiles. The following tips will help you design the best charcoal tile bathroom:

  1. Consider the size of your bathroom. Smaller bathrooms may look better with smaller tiles, while larger bathrooms can handle larger tiles.
  2. Choose a tile that compliments the other colours in your bathroom. You don't want your tile to clash with the paint, timber or fixtures in your bathroom.
  3. Select a tile that is easy to clean. Your bathroom floor will be a high traffic area, so you'll want to choose a tile that won't show dirt and grime easily.
  4. Consider the style of your bathroom. If you have a modern bathroom, you may want to choose sleek, contemporary tiles. If your bathroom has a more traditional feel, you may want to select classic tiles.
  5. Don't forget about safety. A bathroom floor can be slippery, so you'll want to choose a tile that has good traction.

Create a Stunning Concrete Look

A subtle concrete or stone look has become increasingly popular as a stylish bathroom finish. These elegant and understated tones look perfect in the bathroom and are often used in high-end spas, gyms and hotels.

At Wellsons, our collection aims to emulate this look, while providing the durability and safety you need for a family bathroom. Our charcoal bathroom tiles are chosen for their versatility and their ability to look both timeless and contemporary.

If you’re at the beginning of a new renovation project then Wellsons is the perfect choice! From ceramic and marble to concrete & stone, our tiles deliver the inspiration property owners need to create stunning homes in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia.

What Materials Work Well With Charcoal Bathroom Tiles?

Searching for some inspiration and design ideas for your property? Wellsons is the go-to choice for DIYers and builders looking to create something special.

If you’re planning to work with charcoal bathroom tiles then it’s important to select other materials, styles and finishes that pair well with this choice. We often find that subtle colours, porcelain basins and beautifully finished timber can create a stunning bathroom or laundry.

Whether you’re looking to tile your floor, walls, shower or splashback, we have the stunning collection of tiles you’re searching for.

Order a Sample Pack of Tiles

We want you to find the perfect addition to your new bathroom, which is why Wellsons offers samples of our charcoal bathroom tiles. It’s always helpful to see your favourite tiles in situ before you place your order.

Seeing your choice of tile in its intended place will help you plan the whole room and ensure you’re happy with the colour, shape and style. You’ll be able to see whether you prefer matt or gloss, round, diamond or rectangle, and whether you’ll be able to complete the job yourself or hire a builder.

Whatever direction you take, Wellsons will partner with you all the way. So explore our tile sample packs when choosing which charcoal tiles are right for your home.

Contact Wellsons For Advice & Support

Searching for a little inspiration before you begin your charcoal tile bathroom? You’ll discover all the ideas you need with Wellsons.

We love to showcase leading bathroom trends and the best-selling tiles this year. From subway tiles to classic white and black tile looks, you’ll be sure to find the perfect new look for your bathroom.

Once you’re feeling inspired and ready to place your order, then don’t hesitate to shop online with Wellsons. We’re available by phone or email, so if you have questions about your tiles we’ll always be here to help.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our stunning collection of charcoal bathroom tiles online now!