Billi Taps

Billi Taps

If you’re searching for beautifully designed and durable tapware to complete your latest build, you can’t go wrong with Billi Taps. The collection embodies style, function, and value, making these taps some of our bestsellers.

Wellsons is proud to stock this collection because it represents our commitment to quality. Whatever build you have planned, these taps deliver everything you need and more. Explore our collection, learn more about the brand, and contact our team with questions,

Innovative Products & Functional Design

Billi Taps are known for their industry-leading tapware. The brand excels in placing sought-after technology inside sleek and stylish designs.

With a levered dispenser, instant boiling, a safety switch, and readily available supply of replacement filters, a Billi tap is perfect for homes and workplaces.

With a commitment to energy efficiency - the Billi Eco tap range will support homes and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and keep energy costs low. Billi Eco is perfect for any environmentally conscious interior designers or homemakers out there!

Enjoy Instant Chilled or Boiling Water

The Billi Tapware collection allows you to enjoy chilled or boiling water from just one Billi tap. Whether you’re fitting out a busy workplace that requires fast and efficient access to fresh, chilled water, or a home that would love the convenience of boiling and chilled water on tap, a Billi is the twin cold water and hot water system you need.

While it might seem like a luxury, having boiling water and chilled water available in an instant is a smart and functional way to save time and money whilst enjoying everything the famous Billi systems have to offer.

Brushed Bronze, Stainless Steel & Chrome

Not to be outdone on the design front, the Billi range delivers stunning designs that will compliment any property. These taps are available in a range of styles and materials, including Brushed Bronze, Nickel and Stainless Steel.

With such a large range of Billi styles to explore, it pays to consider your entire approach to interior design. What kind of space are you looking to create, and what colours and materials will help you achieve your dream look?

Would a warm rose gold Billi compliment your new room or would a sleek matte black Billi suit your space best? Either way, you’ll find all the styles and colourways of Billi unit you need online with Wellsons.

How Much Do Billi Taps Cost?

Billi Tap price varies depending on which retailer you choose to work with. At Wellsons, our tapware collection offers outstanding value for money. Despite being one of the leading brands in the space and famous for their stunning build quality, this Billi collection also comes at a great price.

At Wellsons, our Billi collection starts with the B-1000 Slimline Dispenser delivering unbeatable value for money. So forget your kettle and choose the leading boiling, chilled, and sparkling water from one tap on the market.

Find All The Support You Need

If you’ve decided to buy a Billi system - then congratulations! You’ll love this high-quality Billi tapware and the full range of features it all delivers for your home or business.

You can always count on outstanding product support when you choose to work with Billi systems. With a generous warranty period and easy access to official maintenance and installation, there’s no better brand of taps to trust!

Choose Billi units and Billi Eco and enjoy instant access to sparkling water, boiling and chilled - you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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