Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails for Every Home

Elevate your bathroom experience with our sophisticated collection of heated towel rails, designed to suit every style and need. From luxurious freestanding models to space-saving wall-mounted options, our range includes a variety of designs to enhance your bathroom's functionality and aesthetic.

Heated Towel Rail

Enhance your bathing experience with our heated towel rails, available in a range of materials including polished stainless steel and brushed nickel. These rails ensure your towels are not just warm and dry but done so with style and efficiency.

Freestanding Heated Towel Rail

Ideal for those who value flexibility and elegance, our freestanding heated towel rails offer the perfect blend of convenience and sophistication. No installation required—simply place it where you need it most.

Electric Heated Towel Rail

Incorporate a touch of modern luxury with an electric heated towel rail. Not only do they keep your towels warm and ready, but they also add a modern touch to your space.

Heated Towel Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Range of Styles: Our heated towel rails come in a variety of styles to complement any bathroom decor. From the sleek lines of chrome to the classic appeal of stainless steel, find a towel rail that matches your bathroom style and personal taste.

Energy Efficiency: Our heated towel rails are designed with energy efficiency in mind, providing warmth where it’s needed without excessive electricity use. Enjoy the comfort knowing that your heated towel rail is both cost-effective and kind to the environment.

Tailored Heating Solutions: Each towel rail in our stock is designed to offer the highest level of warmth and comfort. Whether you're stepping out of a shower or wrapping up after a bath, our heated towel rails make sure your towels are pleasantly warm.

Shop Our Versatile Collection of Heated Towel Rails

Browse our website or contact us to explore our full range of heated towel rails, racks, and more. Whether you are looking for a simple heated towel rail or an elaborate freestanding model, we have something to suit every bathroom and every budget. Upgrade your bathroom with the added luxury and comfort of our top-quality heated towel solutions today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are heated towel rails worth it?

A heated towel rail is definitely worth it - it will keep your towel warm and reduce mould growth, meaning you'll be washing your towel less often!

What type of heated towel rail is best?

For the most efficient and resilient heated towel rail, go for stainless steel - it can reach temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius while providing an energy-saving performance. Plus, you can choose from brushed or polished finishes.

Is a heated towel rails expensive to run?

Heated towel rails are surprisingly economical to run, as only $45 a year is expected to be added to your electricity bill if you have it running 4 hours a day!

Do heated towel rails stay on all the time?

No need to worry! Heated towel rails are designed to be left on all the time, so you can enjoy the convenience of a toasty warm towel any time you need it. No longer will you have to wait for your towel to warm up before you can enjoy its comforting embrace.

How energy-efficient are heated towel rails?

Heated towel rails are surprisingly energy-efficient, consuming only 100-200 watts per hour, and some even using just 60 watts!