Toilet Suites For Sale

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Toilet Suites For Sale

Explore our extensive collection of premium toilet suites, featuring closed coupled toilet suites, back to wall toilet suites, wall hung toilet suites, wall faced toilet suites, and innovative electric toilets. Transform your bathroom space with our sleek, modern, and highly efficient designs, tailored to suit every taste and budget. Shop now to find the perfect solution for your bathroom renovation or new construction project, and enjoy exceptional quality, performance, and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to check before buying a toilet

Waste Trap Type: There are three types of waste trap exits - S Trap, P Trap, and Skew Trap. S Trap exits through the floor, P Trap exits into the rear wall, and Skew Trap exits into the side wall. Make sure you choose the appropriate trap type based on the location of your existing waste outlet.

Water Inlet Type: There are two types of water inlet - Bottom Inlet and Back Entry. Bottom Inlet enters into the bottom of the cistern and is most popular in older homes. Back Entry is hidden at the top rear of the cistern and provides a cleaner look. Choose the type that suits your preferences and existing plumbing.

What is a toilet suite?

A toilet suite is a bathroom fixture that includes a toilet bowl and a cistern, which holds and flushes the water. There are different types of toilet suites available, each with its own design and features.

A behind the wall or concealed toilet suite is a minimalist option where the cistern is hidden, either in the wall, in a roof cavity or under a counter, which takes up less space in the bathroom. They come with a range of quality buttons to suit your style and are engineered for easy access for plumbers.

A wall-faced toilet suite has the rear of the pan flush against the wall, making it easier to keep clean as nothing can get stuck behind the suite. They also have universal trap fittings that suit either S Trap or P Trap plumbing pipes, and are the most popular toilets sold in Australia.

A close-coupled toilet suite describes a suite where the cistern bolts directly to the pan, creating a nice seal and appearance. These are usually made of vitreous china, which lasts longer than plastic cistern connector alternatives. They come in both wall-face and non-wall-face designs.

Connector or linked toilet suites are perfect for odd plumbing configurations found in older homes or as a cheap replacement. They have a visible pipe going between the cistern and the pan, often covered by a connector piece to give it a “close coupled” look. Plastic cisterns with vitreous china pans are an affordable option for bathroom renovations.

How to install a toilet suite?

Installing a toilet suite involves removing the old toilet, preparing the area, and installing the new toilet components.

Here's a brief overview of the process:

  1. Measure existing toilet and purchase a suitable replacement.
  2. Turn off water supply, empty the tank, and disconnect the water line.
  3. Remove nuts and bolts from the tank and bowl, then remove the wax ring.
  4. Block exposed drain with a cloth or rag.
  5. Insert new toilet bolts, position the new wax ring, and attach the toilet bowl.
  6. Attach the water tank and secure it with bolts, washers, and nuts.
  7. Position the toilet valve and insert washers on tank bolts.
  8. Position the tank over the bowl, secure it, and connect the water supply.
  9. Attach the new toilet seat.

What is a toilet cistern?

A toilet cistern, also known as a toilet tank, is the upper part of a toilet that holds and stores water used for flushing. It is typically made of ceramic or plastic materials and is attached to the toilet bowl. Inside the cistern, there is a mechanism consisting of a fill valve, flush valve, and float ball or float cup, which work together to control the flow of water into and out of the tank. When the toilet is flushed, water from the cistern is released into the bowl, clearing waste and refilling the bowl with clean water. After the flush, the cistern refills itself with water from the supply line, preparing for the next flush.

Do Toilets come in different size?

Yes, toilets are available in a range of depths, widths, and heights. Depth options range from 600-720mm, while widths can be between 350-500mm. As for height, it typically falls between 15-19 inches. This FAQ has been rewritten for clarity in the English language.