Oliveri Kitchen Sink

Oliveri Sinks

Every modern kitchen needs a dependable and durable sink - which is why Oliveri Sinks are so popular. With durable materials and classic design, you’ll love this huge collection of stainless steel sinks.

If you’re looking for reliable kitchen accessories that will last for years to come, then make an Oliveri Sink your first choice. From hand sinks to laundry tubs, you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for.

So explore our extensive range, place your order online, and reach out to the Wellsons team with questions.

What Makes Oliveri Sinks So Popular?

Oliveri Sinks are so popular because they represent the very finest standards in manufacturing and design. Made with premium grade stainless steel, including bowl, drainer tray and tap hole, these sinks deliver everything you need to manage a busy family home.

Best Stainless Steel Sinks in Australia

Oliveri delivers a huge range of sinks to meet the needs of any home. Whatever the nature and size of the space you’re designing, you’ll be sure to find the sink that meets your needs.

The Oliveri Petite sink is one of Wellsons' bestsellers because it delivers everything a standard family home requires. Most designs incorporate a double drainer. This means they can be used in multiple ways simultaneously - the perfect functionality for any busy family kitchen.

The Sonetto sink collection is perfectly suited to smaller spaces, delivering a great way to install a functional and high-end sink, even in the smallest of areas. If you’re looking to buy the best small stainless steel sink online, then there’s no better choice than the Sonetto sink.

Oliveri Nu Petite sinks deliver all this functionality in a range of sizes and dimensions. Manufactured with high-grade polished stainless steel, along with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, you can always count on these sinks to deliver the durability you need for years to come.

Safe & Secure Sinks for Family Homes

Oliveri Sinks conform to stringent safety conditions - an important factor to consider when selecting your new kitchen sink. The brand is known for durable surfaces and a commitment to safety and quality. All kitchen appliances should be sealed, non-porous and practical, and Oliveri Kitchen Sinks are no exception.

Explore our Best Selling Oliveri Sinks

The Oliveri Undermount Sink is perfect for busy family kitchens that require style and functionality. They include a bowl protector to maintain the quality of your surfaces over time.

An Oliveri Single Sink will deliver all the functionality you need at an unbeatable price point. From taps to sink and bowl, these sinks are simple to use as well as attractive and affordable.

Oliveri Black Sinks are perfect for contemporary and industrial kitchens. They deliver an unforgettable look as well as the functionality you need for everyday use.

The Oliveri Double Sink doubles down on this style and functionality - with two sinks to meet all your needs. Whether you’re washing bowls, dishes or clothes, you’ll be sure to save time and money with this model.