Disabled Toilets

Disabled Toilet Suites

Discover our extensive range of disabled toilet suites, tailored to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Our disabled toilets are designed with accessibility and safety as top priorities, providing comfort and independence to users.

Accessible Toilets and Toilet Suites for Enhanced Mobility

Our accessible toilets and toilet suites cater to those with limited mobility, including ambulant and disabled toilets. With features like grab rails installed and non-slip surfaces, each toilet suite is crafted for ease of use.

Modern Features in Our Toilet Suite Range

Our toilet suites boast modern features, ensuring a blend of functionality and style. From the sleek design of the toilet pan to the durable stainless steel grab rails, every element is chosen for its quality and utility.

Compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act

All our bathroom supplies, including toilet seats and grab bars, comply with the Australian standard set by the Disability Discrimination Act. This ensures that our disabled toilet suites are suitable for both private and public spaces like train stations.

Designed for Every User - From Wheelchair Users to Those with Difficulty Walking

Our range is inclusive, catering to wheelchair users with features like wheelchair ramps and toilets with a comfortable seat. For those with difficulty walking, our ambulant toilets provide easy access and additional features for support.

More than Just Toilets - A Complete Range of Bathroom Solutions

Beyond toilets, our extensive range includes additional bathroom fixtures for complete accessibility. With regular maintenance and clear signage, each washroom facility we offer enhances hygiene and comfort for all users.

Ensuring Accessibility in Every Space

Whether it's for a home or a public building, our range of disabled toilets, toilet suites, and bathroom accessories ensures accessibility and ease of use. We maintain a focus on key features like space, ease of access, and hygiene, making our products suitable for various settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ambulant toilet and what features does it have?

An ambulant toilet is specially designed to accommodate the needs of individuals who may have difficulty walking or require mobility aids. Key features include:

  • Easy access for individuals with disabilities, including wheelchair ramps and broad doors.

  • A spacious design with a comfortable seat.

  • Slip-resistant flooring for safety.

  • An ergonomic interior layout that includes sufficient lighting and considerations for those with visual impairments.

  • Materials that are easy to clean and maintain regularly.

How does an ambulant toilet differ from a disabled toilet?

While both ambulant and disabled toilets cater to individuals with mobility challenges, there are distinct differences:

  • Ambulant toilets are often larger than disability toilets, making them suitable for a broader range of users.

  • While both types may feature grab rails and levers, ambulant toilets might have additional features depending on specific needs.

  • Both toilets prioritize accessibility for diverse ability levels. This includes clear signage, a clutter-free environment, wide doorways for wheelchair users, and appropriately placed fixtures.

  • Maintenance and cleanliness are vital for both types of toilets, ensuring safety and comfort for all users.

Can the accessible toilets be installed against any wall?

Yes, it's advisable to install grab rails in ambulant toilets. These rails:

  • Offer additional support to users.

  • Aid in transitions from wheelchairs to toilet seats.

  • Help users maintain balance when standing or sitting.

  • Should be securely fixed to walls and made with a non-slip surface for maximum safety.

Are grab rails necessary for ambulant toilets?

Beyond the design of our toilet pans and seats, our service includes guidance on the best cleaning practices, ensuring that bathrooms remain spotless for all users.

Where are disabled toilets mandated in Australia?

In Australia, disabled toilets are a requirement in many public spaces like shopping malls, train stations, and airports. The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 mandates that buildings incorporate accessible toilets catering to the needs of individuals with disabilities. These toilets often feature grab bars, sinks positioned at a lower height, and ramps for wheelchair users. Ensuring these facilities are available promotes inclusivity and offers people with disabilities the privacy and dignity they deserve. Regular maintenance and cleaning of these toilets are essential for the safety and hygiene of all patrons.