Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Wellsons is proud to deliver the best mosaic tiles in Australia. Our collection has been years in the making, drawing on over 20 years of industry experience.

Whether you’re searching for mosaic tile inspiration, safe and non-slip ways to tile your bathroom floor, or simply a place  to research and buy premium mosaic bathroom floor tiles - Wellsons is a perfect choice.

Read on to learn more about our bestselling mosaic tiles, how to select the perfect tile, and why Wellsons is the best place to buy mosaic tiles online in Australia.

Explore our Bestselling Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Looking for the ultimate mosaic bathroom tiles? The best place to find them is Wellsons. Our current best-selling tiles deliver quality, design, durability and a stunning finish - all for an unbeatable price point.

The Bindi Black Matt Penny Round Tile is a consistently popular choice. Buyers choose this tile for its premium quality porcelain, cushioned edge and availability in both black and white.

The Astra Matt White Hexagon Tile is another choice that always tops our list. Available in both gloss and matt, you’ll be able to find the perfect choice to compliment your bathroom design.

Or, for something really unique, why not check out the Topia Stone Almond Polished Fishscale Tile? You’ll be sure to love the unique shape, colour and style of this look - perfect for bathrooms with a unique touch.

What to Pair With Your Mosaic Tiles

If you’re looking for the perfect vanities and storage to compliment your mosaic tiles - then you’re in luck. Wellsons has an array of vanities that perfectly match your design concept.

Marquis Vanities are consistently popular because of their attention to detail and beautiful build quality. Because they double as both vanity and mirror, these storage ideas are a great way to optimise your bathroom space.

Timberline Vanities are another popular choice, with both wall-hung and freestanding options available. With a huge range of colours and materials available, these vanities pair perfectly with practically any bathroom design.

If you're seeking additional tiles to build your mosaic and develop your design concept, then we have so many favourites to choose from. We suggest exploring some of these popular

colours that can illuminate any room.

  • Black Tiles
  • White Tiles
  • Grey Tiles
  • Kitkat Tiles
  • Charcoal Tiles

Mosaic Tile Bathroom Ideas

Whether you’re planning on creating a stunning bathroom floor, wall or feature tile arrangement, our mosaic bathroom floor tiles are a perfect choice.

With charcoal, grey, white, blue and even pink tiles available, the design possibilities are practically endless when you shop with Wellsons!

Because of our range of colours, styles, shapes and sizes, the only thing limiting your bathroom tiles mosaic pattern is your imagination!

These small, intricate, tessellating tiles can be used in so many ways and produce an infinite array of tiling styles to suit any space or room.

At the beginning of your project, do your research and decide on the tiling patterns that would best suit your space.

This is such a fun and exciting part of the process and ensures you create a mosaic tile bathroom with all the style, elegance and beauty you’re dreaming of.

Why not check out some of our design ideas and inspiration for a look at our favourite bathroom trends of this year?

Pair Mosaic Tiles With Bathroom Fixtures

Finding mosaic bathroom tiles that pair perfectly with your fixtures and fittings is an important part of your design process.

Are you considering including a vanity or storage in your mosaic tile bathroom design? If so, this can be a great opportunity to maximise the visual impact of your mosaic tiles.

A freestanding bathtub is always a stunning design choice and will be a beautiful centrepiece for any bathroom. But with mosaics placed around it, whether on walls or floors, make for an unforgettable look that family, friends and guests will be sure to love.

Mosaic tiles can even work well outside of the bathroom. Many Wellsons customers use our tiles to decorate and maintain their swimming pools. If you’re lucky enough to have one, then why not consider decorating it with some of our most eye-catching and attention-grabbing tiles?

However you decide to use them, our mosaic tiles are an unbeatable way to create a pop of colour and bring beautiful bespoke design elements into your home.

Get Expert Advice on Mosaic Tiles

There are so many benefits to shopping with Wellsons! More than just an online store, we’re home to the best tiles in Australia and the top choice for home renovators and interior designers across the country.


When you’re looking to level up your next project with an array of different tile shapes, from bathroom tiles to rectangle tiles and hexagon tiles, Wellsons is the perfect choice. Explore our wall tile collection and find your dream tile shapes online.

Explore our modern bathroom mosaic tiles online, buy with confidence and contact our design experts with questions. We’re always happy to share our tips, tricks and our current favourite bathroom design ideas.