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Price Match Guarantee

To guarantee you are always getting the best value when it comes to your renovations, our team is actively monitoring the prices of our products in the market place.

Wellsons offers a Price Match Guarantee, so if you do find the product advertised cheaper elsewhere. Just contact our friendly customer service team and we will be able to price match for you.



1. The product must be identical with the same brand, colour and SKU

2. The competitor must stock the product

3. Must be an authorised dealer of the brand and an Australian retailer

4. The price that is matched must be the final inclusive of the delivery and handling fees related to the product. The price of the product can not be matched the any wholesale offers or closing down sales.  

Request a Price Match


To request for a price match, you will need to provide the website link or quotation so that we can verify the price. You can contact us via our live chat to speak to a team member or email us at sales@wellsons.com.au.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions  

  • The product must be from the same brand, colour and SKU
  • The price must be on valid on the same day of the price match request
  • The price match is only valid on the day of the price match request and will be voided if not used on the day
  • The competitor must stock the item or must be available in store
  • The product's cost of delivery will be accounted for and the type of delivery the comepetitor is offering will be factored when determining the price match
  • Must be an Australian retailer to be price matched
  • The website must be an authorised dealer (this will exclude websites like Kogan, Gumtree, Catch of the Day and sites where the actual supplier can not be verfied)
  • The product to be price matched is not a part of a package quote or associated withh any stock clearances
  • Wellsons will not match websites that have pricing errors
  • Wellsons has the right not to price match products that are below our cost price
  • The price match can not be used in conjuction with any other offers such as promotional codes or gift cards