Rimless Toilet Suite

Venture into the world of rimless toilets, an innovation rapidly gaining traction in Australia. Unlike conventional toilets, rimless options herald a hygienic and easy-to-clean evolution. As implied, these toilets do away with the usual rim, introducing a direct flushing system that thoroughly covers the whole bowl.

Traditional toilet designs had a common flaw: the hidden crevices around the toilet bowl harboured bacteria and germs. Rimmed toilets, though standard for years, can't match the hygiene of their rimless counterparts. Rimless toilets use a unique flushing system, ensuring water sweeps across every part of the inner bowl, mitigating bacteria buildup. Plus, this efficient flushing often utilizes less water, marrying hygiene with water efficiency, possibly leading to lower water bills.

Our selection spans a spectrum of styles. From wall faced to wall hung toilet models, we have something for every bathroom aesthetic. The rimless wall hung toilet has a floating appearance, offering an appealing design while making cleaning below the pan effortless. Wall faced variants seamlessly blend with the wall, eliminating hideaways for germs and streamlining bathroom looks.

Whether you're in the market for a back to wall pan or a wall hung pan, our collection caters to diverse tastes. Thanks to rimless technology, every flush shoots water around the toilet bowl efficiently and comprehensively, negating splashes and patchy cleaning.

While the edge of traditional toilets can accumulate waste and germs, rimless toilet suites are a breath of fresh air. Their full flush ensures the cistern's water graces every surface of the bowl in a single, clean sweep.

In terms of style and material, our range stands unmatched. From the pristine gloss white finish to a variety of shapes and styles, there's something fitting for every space. Our toilet suites, from the standard to the best rimless toilets, balance functionality with aesthetic appeal. Both wall faced and wall hung models harmonize with diverse bathroom themes.

Rimless toilets are pioneering a new standard in sanitary bathroom solutions. The benefits include less water consumption, diminished bacterial growth, and a sleek design. As bathrooms modernize, the range of rimless models in our repertoire promises to deliver both in terms of looks and efficiency.

Elevate your bathroom experience with rimless toilets. In the clash of toilet design, rimless clearly holds the edge, making bathrooms not just more stylish but also cleaner and more hygienic. The transformation is evident – it's not just clean; it's rimless clean!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rimless toilet?

A rimless toilet is a type of toilet that doesn't have a traditional rim where water flows. Instead, it features an open bowl design with a flushing system that shoots water around the toilet bowl, ensuring that no part of the bowl is missed during flushing.

Are rimless toilets better?

Rimless toilets have several advantages over traditional toilets. They are more hygienic because they lack the rim that can accumulate germs and bacteria. They are also easier to clean since there are no crevices for dirt and grime to hide in. Additionally, the flushing system in rimless toilets is more powerful and efficient, ensuring that waste is removed effectively.

Do rimless toilets flush well?

Yes, rimless toilets are designed to flush efficiently and effectively. The flushing system shoots water around the bowl, ensuring that waste is removed with each flush. This design also helps to prevent blockages and clogs, making rimless toilets a reliable choice for households and public restrooms alike.


How does rimless toilet work?

Rimless toilets work by using a flushing system that shoots water around the bowl, instead of relying on a rim where water flows. The water is dispersed evenly around the bowl, ensuring that waste is removed from all areas. This design also helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria and germs, making rimless toilets a more hygienic choice.