One of the key considerations you will undertake in any bathroom renovation is choosing a vanity basin that suits your vision. Wellsons offers a variety of bathroom sinks in various shapes and designs – catering to all bathroom spaces at a great price. ...

With our extensive selection of bathroom vanity basins from some of the best brands in Australia - you will find any and every type of counter basin you need. Wellsons offers brands such as ADP, Timberline, Marquis, Nero, Fienza, and many more – meaning you are bound to find a style that is suitable for the decor in your bathroom.

We guarantee that only high-quality materials are used to construct your basin, such as stone and ceramic. Additionally, Wellsons offers a great range of vanity basins in all shapes, styles, and designs to suit a modern or traditional bathroom. Shop online now for the best bathroom vanity basins in Sydney.

Semi-Recessed Basins

Semi-recessed basins are designed to protrude out of the bathroom vanity. The purpose of this bathroom basin is to maximise space in an ensuite or tight bathroom - as a slim vanity can be installed without the need to sacrifice the capacity of the sink.

This style of counter basin is the perfect choice for families with small kids, who may not have the height to reach a standard bathroom basin. Most semi-recessed basins are square designs; however, Wellsons does offer a range of sinks that are circular in shape too. Shop our range of vanity basins in Sydney.

Inset Basins

The majority of inset basins are positioned underneath the counter, creating a seamless look when transitioning from the benchtop to the basin. It sits lower than a semi-recessed sink and comes in various square and round forms.

Inset sinks are a contemporary twist on under the counter alternatives without the hefty price tag. There is an extensive selection of finishes to choose from, with the more popular finishes being matte and gloss white.

Semi Inset Basins

Sinks that sit half under the counter and half over are visually appealing. It projects the same style as 'above counter basins' in the bathroom; however it does not sit as high up as one. In bathrooms that pair a floor standing vanity with this type of bathroom sink, it elegantly ties together a modern yet traditional design.

Above Counter Basins

Above counter basins exemplify a modern and chic style. These bathroom sinks come in a range of styles and designs to sit on top of the vanity basin. It is the ultimate showstopper when it comes to your space. These vanity basins in Sydney come in a variety of sink shapes such as rectangle, square, circle or oval. When it comes to saving space in the cabinets underneath, this is the perfect solution.

Our bathroom basins can be easily installed on the vanity top during a bathroom renovation. If you are looking for a simple revamp of your bathroom in a price-efficient manner, this is one of the best methods. Shop our range of bathroom vanity basins in Sydney today.

Wall hung basins

Wall mounted basins are ideal space-saving solutions for tight or small bathrooms. Classified as a compact basin, you can choose the perfect configuration to best complement your bathroom.

Commonly you would find wall mounted basins in commercial bathrooms where personal storage is not required. However, you can find a range of wall mounted basins in homes that are paired with floating cabinets to make up for the loss of space underneath the bathroom vanity basin.

Undermount Basins

Undermount basins are traditional and have a minimalist feel. It is a common choice if you want to showcase your benchtop rather than your sink. This vanity basin's 'hidden' edges allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. You will often see a ceramic undermount sink paired with a stone benchtop.

Undermount sinks have a higher price range than their counterparts, and this is often due to the labour involved in the construction and installation of vanity basins in Australia.

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