Timberline Shaving Cabinets

Enhance the sophistication of your bathroom with the Timberline shaving cabinets, a perfect addition to a space blending style with functionality. Our shaving cabinets not only offer a chic look but also come equipped with adjustable melamine shelves, ensuring you have ample storage space for all your bathroom essentials.

Experience the Durability and Style of Timberline Shaving Cabinets

Our collection features the Denver shaving cabinet, a standout in the Timberline range, offering durable soft close doors and the option of a luxe graphite interior or a classic white interior. With durable edging and moisture resistant board, these cabinets are designed to endure the conditions of a busy bathroom.

Adjustable Melamine Shelves

The adjustable melamine shelves within our Timberline shaving cabinets are crafted for versatility, allowing you to customize your storage space for toiletries and accessories. For those seeking additional functionality, optional under cabinet lighting brings a warm ambiance and convenience to your vanity area.

Timberline's commitment to quality is reflected in our shaving cabinets, featuring soft close doors that emphasise quiet and reliable operation. With a range of colours to choose from, you can match your cabinet to your existing decor or opt for a bold contrast to make a statement.

The Denver shaving cabinet range, a part of the Sutherland House collection, encapsulates the essence of Timberline shaving's dedication to Australian consumer law and customer satisfaction, providing a reliable product with a warranty that ensures peace of mind.

To complement these cabinets, consider pairing with vanity tops available in various styles, from sleek white satin to rich, textured finishes. And for those with a specific vision, our custom options allow you to tailor your Timberline vanities and cabinets to your unique taste.

As a reliable source for bathroom furnishings, we offer a range of Timberline products, including the sophisticated shaving cabinets that are a must-have for any modern home. With attention to detail, from the soft close doors to the optional features like cabinet lighting, every aspect of your purchase is crafted with care.

For full details on our Timberline shaving cabinet collections, including delivery information and additional charges that may apply, please review our site or contact our customer service team. Our guarantee is to provide you with a stylish, practical, and quality addition to your bathroom that truly reflects the modern elegance of Timberline.