Perfect Bathroom Mirrors For Every Australian Home

If there's one thing no one can go without, you can bet it's a bathroom mirror. One of the best things about furnishing a new bathroom is selecting a new mirror just for yourself. Which other mirror in the house will do you such a great service when it comes to indulging in a long, well-lit look? Wellsons offers an abundance of mirrors in different styles to personalize those golden moments to you and your bathrooms - whether it's a small or large bathroom, a powder room, or an ensuite.

Whatever style and size your bathroom comes in, Wellsons has one which can also meet your purposes. Are you on the hunt for something more decorative? Perhaps, you're after the illusion of extra space, which can be achieved by a bathroom mirror in a small bathroom. Simply place a mirror against a part of the wall to achieve this effect!

Maybe a practical mirror will satisfy your needs? Our modern mirrors offer add-ons which range from lighting, a de-mister function, and an option for a powerpoint - simply add to your liking.

Wondering what makes bathroom mirrors different? More than those found around the house, it is crucial for a bathroom mirror to be of good quality. This is because a regular mirror is less capable of handling the moisture within the bathroom. It's even possible for the backing of the mirror to disintegrate! So trust us...we handle fragile objects on a daily - it's safe to say you're in good hands.


Absolutely Stunning Mirrored Cabinets

What begins with 'two-in-one' and ends in a 'package deal'? That's right. Mirror cabinets. Get the storage space and a mirror, all within one compact unit. At Wellsons, you can shop a wide range of custom-made mirrored shaving cabinets until you meet the one.

Why not treat yourself with the bonus of installing an LED strip light underneath the cabinet, and have a PowerPoint installed within? Or even try designing your shaving cabinet to suit your space! With the customized shaving cabinet, you can choose to have your mirror wall-mounted or semi-recessed. With one of the best visual shoppers in Australia, feel safe to pick and design your very own mirrored shaving cabinets with no hidden costs. We'll take care of selecting the finest options for all tastes and requirements so you can kick back and have a browse.

Our range of cabinet mirrors defies traditional bounds - beyond the rectangular shape, we also offer arch shaped mirror like the Timberline Church Shaving Cabinet, the oval shaped ADP Pill Shaving Cabinet, and many more. Selecting the right bathroom mirror can even make your vanity and decor appear more at home!

One of the most sought after looks, the round bathroom mirror, can be chosen with a shaving cabinet. This will allow you to customize the colour of the cabinet finish and even the light option, like the Timberline Havana shaving cabinet which comes in three sizes: 600mm, 750mm, and 900mm. One of the perks of choosing a custom-made shaving cabinet is that all details - down to the door hinge side - are customisable. The power to re-invent your bathroom does not depend on whether furnishings fit in your space - it lies in your hands now.


Standard Mirror

Why all the fuss over additional features? If you're after something simple and stylish, Wellsons can provide. There's room for a mirror on every kind of wall - look no further than quality products from our Australian brands such as ADP, Marquis, Fienza, and Timberline, which also come in a variety of shapes. Matching with the style of your vanity has never been so easy.

Take one of the most popular styles: the round mirror. Added onto a wall, this bathroom mirror can create a relaxed ambiance with its soft, organic edges. If this is exactly what you need, we promise you'll experience the adrenaline of drawing a perfect circle.

Tired of keeping it simple? Consider adding the option of LED lights to your mirror while still keeping it clean - this design can be hard wired with an external switch to turn on and off. Thermogroup Ablaze Premium RS Range Backlit Mirror even comes with has an optional timer. Don't worry - the concealed wiring on the back ensures there will be no interference to the mirror's glowing appearance.

Need to get close but don't want to leave your nose-print on the glass? Thermogroup Ablaze 3x magnifying mirror offers a magnifying feature on top of the options of cool or warm light. Perfect for those non-daredevils who still want a close shave and more light to enhance your reflection as you apply makeup - we guarantee looking good has never been easier.

Whatever size or style you need, Wellsons makes sure you can choose the one for you. Our wide range of mirror sizes suits every wall, and going off our customers, we can say that it's safe to choose a size that is the same width as your vanity.


Polished Edge Mirrors

A polished edge mirror is a frameless mirror, the edges of which are buffed using abrasive materials and polishing oil instead of exposure to glass. These mirrors have a permanent bracket attached to the back so they will be easy to install. The perk of opting for frame-less is that it can be easily incorporated into a bathroom as its sleek look matches any decor.


Matte Black Edge Mirror

A personal preference of many is matte black edged mirrors. Perfect for enhancing a bold style, these mirrors are a striking choice. Make it a distinctive feature via contrast or let your prowess for coordination shine through by matching with the decor in which black dominates the scene.


What is the difference between Bevel edge and Sandblasted border?

The edges of a bevel edge mirror are cut at an angle to give off the impression of a framed edge. This option boasts an elegance that can still be called subtle due to the artful slant of its edges which refracts light effortlessly. This makes for a minimalistic but functional mirror. The process of sandblasting, on the other hand, involves using sand to 'blast' a decoration into the surface of the glass. It is an etched glass look that paints quite a dramatic impression.

The mirror thickness often comes in two standard sizes: 4mm and 6mm. It is recommended to choose a 4mm mirror when placing it amongst other furniture and doors, whilst 6mm mirrors are commonly used in wet spaces.

Can't see the colour in your life yet? Shop at Wellsons for our quality bathroom mirrors. Australia needs mirrors and mirrors need you. Delivery Australia-wide.