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Bathroom Package Deal

Embark on a journey to transform your bathrooms with our extensive range of bathroom packages. These complete bathroom packages ensure every inch of your space reflects style and functionality. From small bathroom revamps to comprehensive bathroom renovations, our offerings are tailored for every taste and budget.

Our range of bathroom renovation packages are designed to suit all needs. Whether you're crafting an elegant en suite or renovating a family bathroom, we provide the highest Australian standards in every installation job. Our team of experts is committed to giving you just what you've envisioned, guiding you through every step, from selecting wall tiles to choosing the perfect vanity.

Looking for specific bathroom items? Dive deep into our vast collection, where you'll find everything from sleek floor tiles, inset baths, and modern shower screens. These bathroom designs guarantee a visual impact, turning every bathroom into a functional space. If you're aiming to create your own package, our professionals offer invaluable advice to ensure you get the exact look and functionality you're after.

With a strong emphasis on value, our bathroom packages promise quality at an affordable price. If you're renovating, our bathroom renovation expertise will turn your idea into reality, ensuring your new bathroom not only looks stunning but also offers the utmost functionality. Our assortment of tiles – be it for the wall, floor, or ceiling – mirrors, and other bathroom accessories are curated to complement every style.

Visit our showroom to measure the potential of our offerings. From plumbing solutions to tiling intricacies and elegant bath fittings, our complete range has something for every customer. Our dedicated team is ever-ready to guide and assist, ensuring your bathroom renovation process is seamless. With our packages, renovating bathrooms become more than just a job; it's a journey to create the perfect room, embodying style, and value in every corner.

Package FAQs

Haven't found the right package for you?

Don't worry speak to our staff via live chat or book a FREE design consultant and have them craft a unique package for your space. Our renovation experts will help you with the package selection process. The more you buy the more you save!

Can you develop a package deal within my budget?

Of course we can! provide our friendly staff with the budget, specifications and floor plans of your project and let us do the work for you. Email us at sales@wellsons.com.au or call 1300 265 812

The style or item I want isn't available on your website.

If some items you are looking for aren't available on the website, our renovation experts will source the products for you from our suppliers and develop a package deal for your unique space.