Freestanding Vanities

Transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary with our diverse range of freestanding vanities. Whether you're looking to embrace the classic charm of a freestanding vanity or opt for the space-saving design of a wall hung vanity, our selection is unparalleled in style and function.

With the ever-growing need for efficient bathroom design, the choice of vanity units becomes paramount. From the pristine gloss white finishes to the trendy matte black, our vanities cater to diverse tastes and bathroom spaces. Those with a penchant for floor-focused aesthetics will appreciate our floor standing vanities, while the wall hung vanity options bring a touch of contemporary flair.

Why settle for less when you can have the perfect blend of storage and style? Our freestanding bathroom vanity units come equipped with soft close drawers, ensuring ease of use. For those who appreciate the finesse of ceramics, our vanities are often attached with high-quality ceramic basins, melding utility with art.

Choose The Perfect Vanity For Your Space

Every bathroom deserves the perfect vanity. Whether you're refurbishing an older space or setting up a brand-new one, our freestanding vanity collection promises to deliver. From various freestanding vanity sizes to the elegant floor standing vanity units, we've got you covered.

Our freestanding vanity units offer more than just good looks. With ample storage cabinets, keeping your bathroom supplies organized has never been easier. If you're keen on a cohesive look, the attached basins on many of our vanity units ensure you won't have to hunt elsewhere.

Dive deep into our diverse range of vanities. With styles spanning from modern chic to timeless classics, our collection promises something for every bathroom aesthetic. The beauty of a free standing vanity unit lies not just in its visual appeal but also in its practicality, offering ample storage space for all your essentials.

Whether you're attracted to the sleekness of ceramic or the earthiness of timber, our vanities come in an array of materials, ensuring there's a match for every style preference. And with our friendly team always on hand to assist, your journey to find the ideal vanity for your bathroom space becomes a breeze.

Shop with us today and discover the vast world of freestanding vanities, where form and function coalesce, ensuring your bathroom is not just another room, but a reflection of your unique style and taste.

Our selection of freestanding vanities includes options from top Australian brands such as Fienza, Alex Group, ADP, Timberline, Marquis, Rifco, and Turner Hastings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are freestanding vanities?

Freestanding vanities are bathroom storage units that are not attached to the wall. They are supported by legs or covered with a kickboard and are attached to the floor.

What is the benefit of using a freestanding vanity in a bathroom?

Freestanding vanities are great for maximizing space in a bathroom. With their legs or kickboard, they don't take up too much floor space, while still providing ample storage. They are also perfect for families with multiple users and storage needs.

How do freestanding vanities differ from wall-mounted vanities?

Freestanding vanities are not attached to the wall, while wall-mounted vanities are. Freestanding vanities are typically supported by legs or covered with a kickboard, while wall-mounted vanities are attached directly to the wall. Freestanding vanities offer more floor space and storage options, while wall-mounted vanities are great for smaller bathrooms with limited floor space.

What types of storage are available in freestanding vanities?

Freestanding vanities generally offer a variety of storage options, including drawers, shelves, and cabinets. This allows for easy organization and storage of bathroom essentials.

Freestanding Vanity Sizes

  • 600mm freestanding vanity
  • 750mm freestanding vanity
  • 900mm freestanding vanity
  • 1200mm freestanding vanity
  • 1500mm freestanding vanity
  • 1800mm freestanding vanity
  • Custom sizes available