Small bathroom vanities

Are you on a quest to discover the right vanity for your small bathroom or tight powder room? Dive into our overwhelming range of bathroom vanities that cater specifically to small spaces. These small vanity units aren't just about beauty; they're the perfect mix of elegance and functionality, ensuring every square inch counts.

Why Choose Our Range of Small Vanity Units?

In the world of bathroom renovation, space can often be at a premium. This is where our wall hung vanities shine. These units give the illusion of more space, elevating the overall sophistication of your bathroom design. Plus, with their off-the-ground design, wall hung vanities provide additional storage space, making them a perfect choice for those bathrooms that lack that essential nook for toiletries or towels.

Features to Adore

Our bathroom vanity units aren't just about saving space. They come packed with features you'll love:

  • Soft Close Doors: No more startling slams; our vanities come with soft close doors that add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

  • Access Shelves & Drawers: Store your cosmetics, toiletries, and essentials with ease. The additional storage space helps keep your counter free from clutter.

  • Stone Tops with Basins: Elevate your vanity unit's style with stone tops that suit any bathroom design. Match them with our range of elegant basins for a seamless look.

Styles, Colours, & Materials

Our vast array of bathroom vanities come in various styles, colours, and materials to match any bathroom theme. Whether you're renovating a date-specific bathroom or creating a new one, you're bound to find the right vanity unit in our stock. Choose from vanities with cabinetry that features mirrors, legs, and more.

Best Prices & Options

Finding the perfect vanity for your bathroom doesn't have to break the bank. We offer some of the best prices in the market. And with our filters, you can choose based on size, style, and price. Don't miss our sales where you can get vanities at prices significantly lower than their original price!

Take Advantage of Our Wide Range

From small vanities suitable for that tight powder room to the wall-hung varieties that offer the illusion of a larger room, our range ensures you don't have to compromise on style or storage. The added benefit? Your towels, linens, and bathroom essentials will always be within reach.

In the realm of small bathroom vanities, our collection stands out. Whether you're looking for a vanity with stone accents, elegant legs, or one with expansive storage for your cosmetics, you're in the right place. Dive in and explore our range today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size vanity for small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, it's essential to select a vanity that maximizes space without compromising functionality. A standard vanity size for small bathrooms is between 18 to 24 inches wide. However, you should measure your bathroom and consider the layout to find the most suitable size for your specific situation. Keep in mind the available floor space, door swing, and clearance around other fixtures like the toilet and shower when making your decision.

Where to buy small bathroom vanitie

Online Retailers Wellsons offer a wide variety of small bathroom vanities in different styles, sizes, and price ranges. You can compare products, read reviews, and often enjoy free shipping.