Kitkat Tiles

Kit Kat Tiles: Elevating the Modern Look of Homes

Stepping into the realm of tiles, one cannot overlook the elegance and functionality of kit kat tiles. Recognized by their narrow shape and long and thin appearance, these tiles exude a sense of contemporary charm that's perfect for today's modern homes.

The Versatility and Appeal of Kit Kat Tiles

Kit Kat Tiles in the Kitchen and Bathrooms: Embrace the charm of kit kat tiles to transform your cooking and bathing spaces. Their finger-like design, sometimes referred to as finger tiles, infuses an inviting and intimate touch, especially in smaller, intimate spaces like small shower niches.

The Essence of Colour and Material: From the lively blues to soft colours that add personality, kit kat tiles come in an array of colours. Moreover, materials like glazed porcelain mosaic make them an excellent choice for those wanting a bit of texture and shine.

Lay Kit Kat Tiles with Ease

For those unfamiliar, laying down kit kat tiles is a breeze. Using kit kat tiles is all about understanding their mesh backing and ensuring perfect grout lines. Whether you're working on walls or floors, the process is straightforward, with subway tiles often used alongside for an extra touch of style.

Finger Mosaic Tiles and More

Beyond the classic kit kat style, the finger mosaic tiles present a unique appeal. Merging different materials and colours, these mosaic tiles can be combined with glazed porcelain to create intricate designs.

Subway Tiles and Kit Kat Tiles: When you think of adding soft colours to your space, using kit kat tiles and subway tiles together becomes a match made in heaven. The perfect option for accent walls or specific areas in your room, the combination brings out the best in terms of colour and style.

Grout and Texture: Grout is a crucial element when installing tiles, and with kit kat tiles, the grout lines enhance their distinct shape. The finger tiles, especially when made of glazed porcelain, add a distinctive texture, making walls and flooring pop.

In wrapping up, kit kat tiles are not just a trend. They're a timeless addition that brings life, colour, and style to any space. From bathrooms to kitchens and accent walls, these tiles, with their finger-like appearance and array of colours and materials, are the perfect way to elevate your contemporary decor. Whether you're going for a hint of lively blues or the calming effect of soft colours, kit kat tiles are the way to go. 

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