Brushed Nickel Tapware

So you've satisfied your required criteria for the perfect bathroom, and it looks exactly like you planned, but you still can't figure out why something doesn't seem right? Forget the traditional stainless steel colour finish for your fixtures - brushed nickel tapware is the new finish you need on your wishlist. With its warm light grey colour and its matte or semi-gloss finish, it has become one of the most popular finishes in the Australian market. Here's why brushed nickel tapware is being added into the cart of many Aussie renovators. ...

Beauty, Durability, Versatility

Coordinating an effortlessly timeless bathroom and kitchen can be like arranging a jigsaw puzzle, but we promise this is the finishing piece. When it comes to renovating, selecting finishes that stay in could not be more essential. Adding brushed nickel fittings to your wishlist means you get a beautiful bathroom for years to come, saving you the hassle of worrying about further renovations in the future. Wondering why it appears so timeless? Low visibility of scratches on this surface guarantees it can withstand the test of time while still delivering quality colour. You won't be making any compromises as this finish outdoes all others in both its exceptional look and world-class durability.

Even in other parts of the house, brushed nickel tapware could not be more well-placed. Brushed nickel taps are commonly found in kitchen mixers, and for an excellent reason. A major benefit of choosing this finish is that its functionality also extends to hiding splash marks and fingerprints on the body of the fitting. In the most central sink of the house, you can say goodbye to water spots and small white marks typically found on metal surfaces. The nature of a brushed finish ensures it will conceal all unwanted splotches and smudges.

For a finish that stands out for its quality, you might be surprised that in a home, these fittings aren't that eye-catching at all. Unlike its predecessor, chrome, tapware in brushed nickel does not draw your eye to itself immediately - instead, it blends seamlessly into the flow of the space. If a warm and soft aura that radiates through your bathroom space is a required field for your dream bathroom - this is the finish for you. For fickle decision-makers, it is even more of a fit; it is highly versatile as it can create a warm or cool tone, depending solely on the light setting in the room.

It's no wonder that the sleek nickel finish has dominated the bathroom and kitchen market in Australia since it first appeared. But easier explanations for its dominance also exist. Brushed nickel fittings fill bathroom interiors with a sense of luxury. They are extremely adaptable and can easily complement many styles and decors, running from modern, contemporary to vintage, and even antique.

How does tapware in brushed nickel adapt to match other fixtures in your bathroom? As it is a neutral colour with a grey and silver accent, it can easily be paired with existing taps, kitchen, or bathroom wall accessories. It will fit into any existing space and make it feel complete, meaning you can keep the style you like without having to work around the finish.

From Your Wishlist to Your Cart

This popular finish won't be on your wishlist for long. It is readily available, so feel free to add it to the cart. Forget waiting around for the right tapware finish to arrive - you will be able to complete your bathroom and kitchen renovations sooner than you think.

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