Bathroom Shower For Sale

At Wellsons, we offer a comprehensive collection of stylish and functional shower designs to elevate your bathroom experience. Our range includes high-powered shower heads, shower arms, rail showers, and combination showers, providing you with a variety of options to choose from. Plus, with Free Standard Delivery for orders over $100, we make it easy for most of Australia to enjoy our exceptional products.

Find the Modern Bathroom Shower With Wellsons

Discover a wide range of showers to select from when you want to transform your bathroom space. We have some bathroom shower ideas to help improve your shower area to help you create a modern bathroom.

Do you need new shower, tapware, and accessories in your bathroom? Are you working with a tight budget? Wellsons offer showers catering to all types of bathrooms design and in a range of finishes and colour,  guaranteed to match your style. All products have a Wels rating so look out for the star rating on each product to see how water efficiency. Wellsons is one of Australia’s leading e-retailers for all types of bathroom fittings and accessories.  with the collection encompassing a range of overhead shower,  shower mixers, ceiling shower, shower a rail and rain shower. 

You do not always have to spend a lot of money when it comes to upgrading bathrooms. Changing individual components, such as a hand shower or showerheads can make a significant difference. You can even do this online without going to a showroom - you can measure your existing showerhead, pick the design you like, and we will deliver it straight from our warehouse to your doorstep! It's never been easier to create the exquisite shower experience, to help you relax after a long day.

We offer showers in multiple finishes and ranging from various price points suitable for all types of budgets. All products are covered by warranty and are manufactured to be durable with the highest quality brass. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Shower System

When renovating bathrooms, showers are often overlooked - however, a shower can add style and build on the ambience of the interior if selected correctly. Wellsons offers a large range of shower designs ranging from minimalist, modern to classical styles to statement pieces. The selection of shower heads available are functional and will help you achieve the look you desire for your bathroom.  

Wellsons offers renowned Australian bathroom brands known for their exceptional quality and functionality such as  ADP, Badundche, Fienza, Greens, Nero, Oliveri, and many more.  Our extensive selection of shower mixers offers you the chance to choose from the overhead shower, round shower, square shower, ceiling shower, and many more shower head options at an unbeatable price. The colour options available cover a broad range of including matte black, chrome and brushed nickel.

Types of Bathroom Showers:

Wall Mount Shower

The wall mount shower offers a sophisticated look to all bathrooms - if chosen in a modern PVD finished colour such as brushed gold or gunmetal grey it can add another level of elegance. Often a characteristic of it is its versatility as it sits on a rail - it offers you the capability to change the water settings and be able to adjust the height. They are highly efficient when it comes to conserving water with their star rating averaging 3 - 4. This is positioned high, you will find there is full water coverage for any height. With the added bonus of a rail, you will be able to adjust the pressure of the water by moving the head closer or further away from you.

Rain Showers

Rain showers are ceiling mounted and the water will drop down onto your body giving you a 'rain' like feeling. The two common shapes you will find come in either round or square shapes. Wellsons delivers a wide range of rain shower designs and colour such as the unique rose gold or brushed bronze. With a large spectrum of colour and finishes on offer, you are bound to find one suited for your bathrooms decor. The star rating on the rain shower does not sit as high as its counterparts but the amount of coverage you get will be worth the trade-off.

Handheld Shower

Handheld showers offer great benefits for certain people as it is not fixed in one position, the hose it is attached to is often 1 - 2 meters in length and the head itself is light in weight. They offer a safe, accessible bathing experience for all ages. The benefit is it is able to send water directly to where it is required and you can cut water consumption easily. The convenience of using these showers is it is suitable for cleaning the bathroom glass or that pesky corner that you can't reach. It is a great addition to your bathroom as it offers comfort and flexibility for the user.  Averaging a 4-star rating this is a reflection of their water efficiency which is ideal for bathrooms for large families. You will commonly find these in chrome however Wellsons offers a wide range of finishes.

Benefits of Using a Bathroom Shower

Wellsons has been assisting Australians's bring the spa-like experience into their bathrooms. There are many benefits of investing in a quality showerhead as a good shower can soothe you mentally and physically. 

Enhancement of Your Energy

You can boost your energy by taking a morning shower, which is a terrific way to start the day. By lowering your body's temperature in the morning, taking a cold shower can improve alertness. In addition, taking a morning shower can lower your body's melatonin levels, thereby enhancing your energy levels throughout the day.

Body Aches and Muscle Pains are Relieved

After a long day, taking a shower can help alleviate any sign of tired muscles and can relieve stress. This is due to the hot water, as it can increase your body temperature, therefore, works as a muscle relaxant. What better way than to step into your bathroom to unwind, relax and enhance your sleep regime. 

Improve Your Blood Circulation

Water pressure will cause your blood to surge to the surface of your skin. This is a good sign as it is bringing blood circulation and increases oxygen flow in the body removing exhaustion and tiredness.

Reduce Stress

After a long day at work, taking a cold shower can help you relax. When you shower in cold water, you will decrease inflation and swelling and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

Wellsons offers various showerheads to transform your create your dream bathroom. If you're looking for a good bathroom shower head that can improve your bathroom experience,  then Wellsons is the ideal place to go.

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