Rectangle Tiles

Rectangle Tiles

If you’re designing a stunning new bathroom or kitchen, then exploring the Wellsons collection of rectangle tiles should be at the top of your to-do list!

This type of tile is consistently popular with homeowners, designers and builders because of its versatility and functionality.

Read on to learn more about our tile collection, where they can work best in your home, and how to purchase online with ease.

Create Beautiful Rooms With Rectangle Tiles

Rectangle tiles are equally at home in kitchens and bathrooms on floor and wall. A classic style that works well in any property, this is a great choice if you want an aesthetic that will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re matching your tiles with glass, brick or timber, these beautiful white tones are versatile enough to suit any environment. They create a bright and open look that is easy to wipe clean and simple to maintain over time.

No matter what room you’re styling, it's difficult to imagine a white tile not looking stunning!

Explore Styles, Colours and Sizes

Wellsons is home to a collection of rectangle tiles bathroom designers in Australia love to work with. Whether you’re searching for style, functionality or value, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for online.

White rectangle tiles are some of our bestsellers because they work so well in practically any space. They’re bright, clean and make any space feel neat and well kept. If you’re seeking the most versatile design choice, then this is the tile for you.

Whether you’re planning on creating a classic minimal design or stunning patterns that are all your own, rectangle tiles are a perfect choice.

Benefits of a Rectangle Floor Tile

If you’re looking for an efficient and optimal tile shape rectangle could be perfect for you. A large white rectangle tile is easy to lay, attractive to look at and will be steady and secure underfoot.

If you’re planning a white tile floor, you can trust that it will be easy to clean and simple to maintain. Because they’re non-porous and water resistant, you can simply wipe or mob down these tiles for a stunning streak-free shine.

A large white tile will often make a space appear larger and lighter. If you’re revamping a space that can at times feel a little small and dark, these tiles will work perfectly.

Which Materials Suit Your Room?

Selecting the right rectangle tiles isn’t just about size and shape. You should also consider what material is best suited to the room and do your research before you order.

The most popular materials for rectangle tiles include ceramic, concrete, marble and porcelain - each with its own unique aesthetics.

Wellsons is home to a comprehensive collection of rectangle tiles, so whatever look and feel you’re searching for, you’ll be sure to find what you’re searching for.

Why Not Order Some Tile Samples

Before you begin your design project, it pays to plan ahead and order exactly the right size, shape and colour of tile ahead of time.

Wellsons does offer a generous returns policy, but for your peace of mind and the speed and ease of your build, it pays dividends to ensure you’ve chosen the right tile.

That’s why we offer tile sample packs. Being able to see, touch and feel many types of tiles will help you make the right decision and ensure you’ll confident in your decision. Sample tile packs cost just $15 - and this amount is refundable when you place your full order.

Explore These Matching Vanities, Sinks & Taps

Searching for other design elements to match your white tiles? Wellsons is home to countless other fixtures and fittings you’ll be sure to love.

ADP Vanities are known for their bright and beautiful designs. They’re the perfect storage solutions to pair with your brand-new tiles.

Oliveri Sinks are equally as functional. Pair these stainless steel designs with a bright white splashback for a stylish and functional look.

Nero Tapware is another high-performance and functional choice for any modern home. These taps not only work wonders but also look sleek and contemporary.

And for more dynamic design ideas, why not check out the Marquis Bathroom collection? These vanities are beautifully made in Australia to the very highest standards.

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Explore our services, and if you can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. For advice on which rectangle floor tile would suit your needs best, there’s no better team to talk to!