5 Things to Check When Buying Bathroom Vanities Online

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5 Things to Check When Buying Bathroom Vanities Online

An online search is the quickest way to find the perfect vanity for your bathroom – and the most convenient way to compare a broad range of prices and styles.

But there’s always an element of caution to buying online. When it comes to shopping for bathroom vanities, here are the top 5 things to look out for.



Though any online retailer will give you all the specs of their bathroom vanities, that’s only half the battle. Making a mistake with the measurements is easy to do – and very difficult to undo!

Have exact measurements of the vanity you have now, or the area where the new vanity will go. Check and double-check to make sure that what you buy will fit the space. Don’t forget to estimate how far the new vanity will project into the space!


Material & Make

The team at Wellsons pride themselves on stocking quality products which are built to last. You can order samples of the cabinet and benchtop finishes absolutely free of charge. This should help you with your decision in buying a brand new Bathroom Vanity online.


Online Reviews

Product reviews are the first port of call for many online shoppers. However, you have to take care that what you’re reading isn’t a fake review designed to get you to purchase.

How do you tell the fake reviews apart? They tend to be too nice and flowery – the kind of wording that an employee may use. Also, look out for reviews that sound like they’ve been ripped out of a written pamphlet text rather than using conversational or informal language that reflects the way we speak.

If a reviewer has published many other similar reviews, that’s a red flag that they’ve been paid to do so.

A generic review is another warning sign. If it sounds empty, it may be because the reviewer doesn’t really mean it.


Hidden costs

The last thing you want is hidden extra costs.

Before you click the final “purchase” button on your bathroom vanity, make sure you know for certain whether the vanity comes with a bowl and handles or not. If you choose a specific size or colour, there may also be an extra fee for customisation.

Some online retailers offer free shipping, but this may depend on the weight and price bracket of the product. Have a read of their delivery information so you understand what the final cost will add up to be.

This way, you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises at the check-out page!



Finally, make sure you choose a reliable retailer, one that’s been operating in this space for a long time! This speaks to their experience and quality of service.

Here at Wellsons, we’ve been around for over 20 years, servicing homes all over Australia with top-quality kitchen and bathroom features.

For quality products from reputable Australian brands, easy delivery options and a price match guarantee, shop online at Wellsons. Feel free to contact our team to find the perfect vanity for your bathroom.