Complete Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide, You Must Know!

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Complete Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide, You Must Know!

Just like the living room, guest room, or master bedroom, the bathrooms in the house also reflect your aesthetic sense. Choosing the right bathroom vanity makes a lot of difference to the overall appearance. Thanks to modern-day interior designers and providers in the industry, you can find ideas and inspirations when you set up your bathroom.

A little research can help you make a comprehensive choice on the vanities that best fits the style you aim to achieve in your bathroom. Most bathroom vanities are designed to be installed and fastened to the studs of your interiors, which makes them a permanent piece of furniture in the house.

This guide is intended to help you choose the right vanities that guarantee quality and flair.


Initiating the Bathroom Vanity Buying Process

In an average home, people invest one of the most in bathrooms, especially compared to other rooms. Be it a basic bathroom flooring plan or a luxury one, the vanity itself may take up to a third of the bathroom’s functional area. Hence, it is imperative to consider when installing new fittings in the bathroom or upgrading the vanity to get the highest value of the available space.


Gauging the Right Fit with Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

To kick start the process, measurements of your space are essential to find out what size vanity will make the perfect fit. It's always best to decide on the vanity size before proceeding to decide what vanity style you want. It's better to get the precise physical dimensions instead of simply banking on your visual sense. Aside from the measurements, you may want to know the exact space and shape of the existing washroom. You may also need to check if any other area in the bathroom requires more attention.


Matching Your Bathroom Cabinets To Room Size

The visuals of a room play an essential role in planning its décor. How does a room look at the very first glimpse? Is there any free space? Whether the existing vanity or fitting are mismatched to the area, all these aspects need to be considered. If the vanity is mismatched with existing fixtures, it could affect the style and feel of the existing bathroom silhouette.


Deciding on What Works For Your Bathroom

Larger vanities may work well for your open floor plan bathrooms, but only when they balance the space's other features. For instance, the bath or your shower needs to be in proportion with the vanity. Some areas look best with wall-mounted vanity as this gives the place an illusion of a bigger space. The visual weight of the vanity needs to be proportionately arranged with the area, which means that a narrow cabinet will make a good choice for a galley-like space. In contrast, a more oversized vanity is better suited for open space.


Bathroom Plumbing Essentials: Your Buying Guide

The distribution of water supply lines is laid differently. In the bathroom, the house water lines connect to the sink and faucets. It means that if you are planning to install a new vanity, you will need an open area to fit the supply line without disturbing the existing supply pipes. It will ensure that no hose or faucets are interrupted or pinched in the process. Make sure that the water supply valve does not obstruct the process. If you plan to reroute the bathroom plumbing, you have the choice of choosing a vanity first and rerouting the bathroom water supply lines to suit.

On the contrary, if you aren’t making changes to the water supply lines, ensure that your vanity fits around the pipes, hoses, and faucets. The measures need to be precise! However, working with the prevalent plumbing layout is cheaper, can minimize the overall rendition cost, and save the time required to complete the bathroom project.


Determining Space Availability

Some features in your bathroom are permanent and can be costly if altered after. The bathroom cabinet should be placed adequately so that there is enough room to walk to the bath and toilet. The vanity should not block the way to the shower door or make its access uncomfortable. Also, if your vanity features doors and drawers, it should not be obstructed by walls, plumbing, or any other features in the bathroom. Hence, you will need to plan the space before you head to buying a befitting vanity. This bathroom cabinet buying guide can help you get the right fittings to optimize space and comfort.


Sink Vanity Dimensions

No two bathrooms are engineered the same, even if they may be built with standard dimensions. You can measure the current dimensions of the installed vanity to check how well or ill it fits into the space before buying a new one. If need be, grab a measuring tape and get going! You can shop for vanities by size via this bathroom vanity buying tips page.


Vanities Sizes

Not all odd-sized vanities look unusual. You can pick custom cabinets of bigger sizes. The standard length of the single sink vanity can range from 600mm to 1200mm in width. This is an ideal size for the powder room or the guest bathroom. For homes with smaller bathroom space, the wall-mounted vanities can free up more floor area while adding an arena for storage.

Whether you choose to install a semi-custom, custom, mid-sized or large vanity, you can easily purchase the right size you need. However, if you have enough space for a larger sink vanity, you can consider using a double sink vanity. Vanities from 1200mm onwards will allow for the option of a double sink and it comes in various styles.


Bathroom Vanity: Choosing the Appropriate Cabinet Height with Buying Guide

The height of the vanity is important as you don't want to slump or strain your back when using the sink. You can pick the relatively taller vanities that are designed with a few raised inches. The contemporary vanities are 900mm tall which is the same height as a kitchen countertop. The above counter basins can make a comforting choice. You can consider the height of your family members before making a call on the size of the sinks.


Significance of Selecting the Right Bath Vanity

Unlike the other rooms in your house, your bathroom interiors will need extra attention. Bathrooms typically have a humid environment which can affect the accessories such as mirrors, cabinets, and fixtures. Despite most bathroom products being produced for durability and water resistance, they aren't waterproof. High moisture levels can damage wooden cabinets and leave black stains in the mirrors. It is particularly important that you follow the aftercare instructions in order to maintain its longevity.


Handpick from a Variety of Vanity Types for Perfect Installation

This guide can assist you in understanding the different types of cabinet options available in the market to make vanity buying for your home washrooms convenient.


Freestanding Vanities for Bathrooms

One of the most common types of vanity used in the bathroom is the freestanding vanity. It flaunts a traditional design and is engineered to be floor mounted or to stand on legs.

Wall Hung Vanities for Bathrooms


Sold out
  • Gold Wall Hung Vanity is available in 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm
  • Gold has a unique recessed finger-pull design complimented with clean lines to create a harmonious feel
  • Above counter basin included
  • Option to upgrade to a freestanding vanity by adding legs
  • Option to choose from all drawers or all doors
  • Crafted in Australia


Popularly known as wall hung vanities, these vanities are common designs most people opt for to flaunt their contemporary bathroom layouts. Wall hung vanities are appended on the walls, thus rendering a chic and clean look to your bathroom. There are different mounted vanity designs that you can choose from. Check out the latest wall hung vanity designed for your Australian home.


Open-Counter Vanities

If you have a large bathroom, you can afford an open space vanity. Such an arrangement allows for an airy look and feels in the washroom. Moreover, the open area adds to visible storage space without drawers or door panels. It can sport a vanity top with open chambers that makes your everyday essentials easily accessible.


Vanities For Kid’s Bathrooms

Are you getting the kid's bathroom refurbished? You can opt for a short and accessible vanity. A bathroom cabinet suited to their height should help them wash their hands and brush their teeth comfortably. You can shop for unique designs that are perfect for kids and tall enough for adults who wish to use the same bathroom.


Vanities To Suit Above Counter Basins

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Vanities with above counter basins have been dominating the market for a long and aren’t outmoded yet. Some models display the semi-recessed basin in which you’ll find the bowl bulging over the counter while the basin continues to be seated within the vanity. You can choose from wall hung or freestanding vanities for your above counter basin. From ceramics to stone basins, they come in myriad makes.


Corner Vanities


Sold out
  • Emporia Corner Vanity is available in 600mm , 900mm, 1200mm option
  • Overall height of vanity is 900mm
  • The depth of the vanity is 600mm
  • Suitable for above counter, semi inset, inset or under counter basins (Sold separately)
  • Option to choose from 0 taphole, 1 taphole or 3 tapholes


Are you looking for a vanity that will conserve some space in the bathroom? You can think of installing corner sink vanities. You can pick from freestanding vanities or wall-mounted ones, depending on your preference, space availability, and the overall spread of the bathroom. Get a custom-designed corner vanity for your bathroom; check out the latest catalogs.


Curated Bathroom Vanities

Refresh your home bath area with customized vanity.


Single Sink Vanity

If you are scouting for a bathroom vanity that spares space and is befitting for your compact space, you can check out the single sink vanities. They make a good choice for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms, guest washrooms, and condos. You can also opt for a vanity with a wider counter space surface featuring a single sink if space allows.

Double Sink Vanity

If you plan to glam up your master bathroom, try installing a vanity fitted with double sinks. They work well for spouses, providing ample space to complete their morning ablutions. Double sink vanities offer an extra counter-top area and can be used to stack your bathroom cosmetics and other accessories.


Counter-Less Vanities

You can always get the look you want for your bathroom. There are topless vanities that come without the countertop. Buying such vanities offer flexibility as you can enjoy the liberty of selecting a custom countertop.


Bathroom Vanity Styles and Features


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  • Emporia Corner Vanity is available in 600mm , 900mm, 1200mm option
  • Overall height of vanity is 900mm
  • The depth of the vanity is 600mm
  • Suitable for above counter, semi inset, inset or under counter basins (Sold separately)


Whether you decorate a large or small bathroom, the idea is to make it functional. Hence, it is important to know the trending styles and types of vanities so that you can make a befitting choice for your home.

A great vanity can have a single or double sink, a countertop storage space, or a topless one, hanging or freestanding one; there's no shortage of options in the market. Here are a few styles that can offer an intelligent look and add to the functional value of your vanity.


Modern Bathroom Vanities

If you are keen on going by the contemporary theme, you can pick the minimalistic vanities that amplify the bold and sharp lines. You can play with melancholy textures and subtle colors such as black and white. Also, colors such as brushed or matte fixtures are commonly used in modern vanities. These flaunt a design that promises ease of access, comfortable storage space, and hassle-free maintenance.


Antique Bathroom Vanities

For those who want to replay the vintage expressions in the bathroom, investing in rustic vanities would do good. You can get embellished accents that line the cabinet’s frame or accentuate the legs to offer an opulent look. In this category, typically pilaster or bowed legs on freestanding vanity are common.


Hybrid Vanities

If you don't have a definitive décor in mind, it's not a bad idea to go with the blended style that balances traditional and modern. Neither too weighty nor too simple, transitional vanities score well in the choice list. These vanities feature minor accents that lend the cabinets an intense look.

You can get a curated design from furniture-style vanities to European designs and glass cabinets, depending on your preference and budget.


State-of-the art-features for your bathroom vanity

Modern vanity provides more than just catering to your storage needs. It is good to look for vanity cabinets packed with multiple options and features that make things increasingly accessible in the bathroom and simplify daily routines.  

When buying your vanity, check for provisions such as electrical outlets. From hair dryers to shavers and toothbrushes everything can run on electricity. An in-drawer PowerPoint always comes in handy. A vanity that is enabled with hidden electric sockets is safe to install.

Another thing to look out for is adding on in the drawers, especially if you favor a cabinet with storage space. Modern designers can see Wellsons range of add-on that allows for customized draw options including Bluetooth connectivity, in-built bins, leatherette organizers, hairdryer holder, and storage caddies. Check out recent posts online for a trending bathroom look!