What is PVD Tapware Finish?

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What is PVD Tapware Finish?

The colour of our fixtures and fittings have become the focal point when it comes to reflecting the style or decor we hope to achieve in our homes. With many types of finishes on tap ware such as electroplating, powder coating or PVD. We are here to explore why there is a trend of renovators and builders gravitating towards a PVD finish.

Wait but what is PVD finished?

PVD stands for physical vapour deposition which is a technical process to create colour on products. One of the benefits of having a PVD finish product is the uniform deposit and durability of colour. The process involves putting solid metal material in a vacuum and depositing onto the product. Using an atom by atom coating material to form a bond of thin metal surface on the product.

As coloured tap ware rises in popularity, it is now easier for renovators and new home builders to individualise the appearance of a space without needing to put in a huge renovation work. The PVD finish colours often provide warmth and character to your space. Take Greens Textura Basin Mixer, the brushed brass adds another level of detailing and luxury to elevate its surroundings.

Greens Textura Basin Mixer - Brushed Gold

One of the reasons PVD finishes has gathered so much momentum in the more recent years is its superior finish allowing the final product to be wear, corrosion and chemical resistant. That being said, the longevity of the product is guaranteed with extensive 15 year warranty in products with PVD finishes such as Nero Mecca Pull Down Sink Mixer with Vegetable Spray.

Nero Mecca Pull Down Sink Mizer with Vegetable Spray - Gunmetal Grey

Say goodbye to the traditional limiting bounds of chrome finishes and say hello to an array of variety and options. The chic look of PVD finished Matte Black in the bathroom as it has versatility with other colours. The matte black is an affordable way to radiate an upscale and classy feel in a basic bathroom. Take the ADP Brooklyn Robe Hook which only plays a small role in the overall bathroom but has a powerful punch.

ADP Brooklyn Robe Hook - Matte Black

Whether you are looking for inspiration or planning an upcoming project. You can find a range of tap ware, accessories and sinks with a PVD finish in our favourite colours. We’ve given you a run-down of popular colours:

  • Brushed Nickel: The softness of the brushed nickel colour is often a preference over the look of polished chrome. The finish often is durable, easy to clean and leaves minimal fingerprints on the product. It can be paired with marble and granite for a stunning look in both the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Matte Black: A sophisticated and luxe colour that can compliment any neutral palette, with a major benefit of being fingerprint resistant. Using Matte Black you can achieve an industrial looking space or a monochromatic one.
  • Brushed Gold: Bringing a level of up-scale class into your bathroom or kitchen, the colour is often found in contemporary, traditional and boho settings. The PVD brushed finish makes the colour slightly muted. Nevertheless, it holds its wow factor when paired with contrasting colours such as a dark blue or greys in order to achieve a balanced look. One of the benefits of brushed gold is that it is low-maintenance which does not get dirty easily.
  • Brushed Gunmetal Grey: The colour sits as a shade of grey and is a colour of rising popularity. Matching a wide range of colour palettes, it gives you a modern kick similar to matte black yet still holds elements of subtleness. The colour provides depth and masculinity in the space and holds an understated elegance in the space.

Tip: There are many colour variations between different manufacturers. To avoid any disappointment when choosing a finish, ensure they are from the same manufacturer. Have a look at what we have to offer here to get yourself started.