Bathroom Mirrored Shaving Cabinets

Transform your bathroom into a haven of style and functionality with our array of mirror shaving cabinets. Boasting a huge range of designs from traditional to ultra-modern, our cabinets bring storage and style together.

Every shaving cabinet we offer is more than just extra storage space; it's a statement piece, complemented by intricate details and a functional design. Created by innovative designers, these cabinets promise cutting-edge style for contemporary living.

Are you keen on a natural look? Experience the magic of natural light bouncing around your bathroom, making the space brighter and giving an illusion of a bigger room. This is achieved effortlessly with our bathroom mirror cabinets. We understand the desire for extra storage, especially for makeup and other essentials, and our cabinets are the perfect solution, offering both storage and style.

From the humble shaving cabinet to the more elaborate double door rectangular shaped units, we have something for every taste. For those who want a brighter space, we have units with LED lights. For those focused on storage, adjustable shelves inside our mirrored cabinets help you organize better.

Perhaps you are looking to make a bold statement? Consider our triple door sizes or those with finely radiused corners for an ultra-modern appearance. If space is at a premium, our recessed shaving cabinets are the perfect addition, seamlessly integrating into the wall for a sleek appearance.

Mirror shaving cabinets

Our mirror shaving cabinets not only make the bathroom feel larger but also provide extra storage space, especially useful for makeup, ensuring your bathroom stays clutter-free. Their modern design, coupled with functional features like adjustable shelves and led lights, ensures you're getting the best bathroom upgrade possible.

For those on a budget, we often have these statement pieces available at less than the original price, allowing for saving money without compromising on quality or style. And for our friends down under, our range is suitable for Australian homes, ensuring that every piece is not just a functional piece of furniture but also a style statement.

Installation is a breeze too. With the help of a stud finder, locate your wall studs, mark the stud marks, and you're set. Always use a spirit level to ensure perfect alignment. Before you know it, your new mirror shaving cabinet will be up, adding both style and storage to your existing bathroom.

Explore our store, where a myriad of styles awaits. Whether you're seeking the perfect mirror, extra space, or even a complete mirror shaving cabinet with double doors, we've got you covered. Don't miss out on our offers and bring home the perfect piece that serves two functions – a mirror and a storage cabinet.