Stone baths

Stone Bathtubs in Australia

Freestanding Stone Baths: Luxury Meets Functionality

Australia's love for luxury is evident in its selection of baths. In the world of bathtubs, stone bathtub have made a significant impact. From the shimmering coastlines of Melbourne to the bustling streets of Sydney, shop stone baths in Australia have become the bathroom's luxurious statement piece.

A Deep Dive into Quality Stone Baths

Stone bathtubs are not just a mere luxury; they embody quality and durability. Crafted from natural stone and minerals, these baths boast of a charm unmatched by acrylic bathtubs. The stone resin baths, carved from the same solid material, ensure that the tub retains heat, offering a long-lasting, warm bathing experience.

What sets these tubs apart? The benefits are vast. Natural stone baths are highly durable, outlasting their ceramic and acrylic counterparts. Freestanding stone baths, with their matte white finish and various shapes, perfectly fit any corner of your bathroom, elevating the space's overall aesthetics. Moreover, stone tubs come with the added advantage of retaining heat, ensuring that your bath stays warm for longer.

The Beauty of Stone Finishes in Bathtubs

Stone baths, especially the ones with coloured terrazzo effects or those carved from natural minerals, serve as both a functional tub and a work of art. Their polished stones, ranging from matte white finishes to luxurious marble, create a look that is both elegant and relaxing.

Maintenance and Care for Stone Baths

Taking care of your stone bath is essential for its longevity. While stone resin baths are heavy, they are worth every ounce for the benefits they bring. Use clean water and a non-abrasive cloth to keep your bathtub shining. For stubborn stains, a clean cloth with a gentle detergent does the trick.

Shop Stone Resin Baths

At Wellsons, we pride ourselves on offering a range of luxury stone bath collections. From stone soaking tubs to freestanding stone tubs with unique shapes and colours, we have it all. If you're looking to make a luxurious statement in your bathroom, browse our collection today. Whether you want a natural stone bath, marble bathtubs, or something with coloured terrazzo effects, we have the perfect match for your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stone bathtubs?

Stone bathtubs are bathtubs made from natural stone materials such as marble, granite, and limestone.

What are the benefits of stone bathtubs?

Stone bathtubs offer several benefits, including durability, heat retention, and a natural and unique appearance.

Are stone bathtubs expensive?

Yes, stone bathtubs can be expensive due to the cost of the natural materials and the craftsmanship required to shape and finish the tub. Check out other cheaper alternatives such as acrylic baths.