Puddle Flanges

The Importance of Puddle Flanges for shower drain and floor substrate Flanges

Understanding the importance of a puddle flange is critical when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your drainage system in a construction project. The puddle flange serves as a water barrier, especially where pipes go through concrete floors or walls. These flanges are not just a luxury; they are a necessity in ensuring a waterproofing measure that minimizes the risk of water leakage. This is especially crucial in rooms like the bathroom where water exposure is inevitable.

What Is a Puddle Flange?

A puddle flange is a specific type of flange designed to be installed around pipes that penetrate concrete structures. Its function is to provide a waterproof seal that prevents any water or fluid from seeping through the floor substrate or walls. This feature is of utmost importance in settings such as bathrooms and drainage systems where water integrity is critical.

The Issue with Floor Waste and How Puddle Flanges Assist

During floor waste construction, it's not uncommon for debris and impurities to fall inside the drainage pipe. Over time, these can cause blockages that create a host of problems that can be costly to fix. Enter the Builder’s Choice Puddle Flange, an Australian standard technology that easily fits into any 100mm PVC pipe. This flange captures and filters out debris, ensuring smooth performance in your construction project.

Installing puddle Flanges: Steps and Tools Needed

The installation of a puddle flange doesn't have to be a complicated job. Here's a simplified guide:
  1. Positioning: Insert the puddle flange into the 100mm drainage pipe with the desired height and wait for pouring concrete floor substrate
  2. Sealing: After sand and cement apply waterproofing material on the edge of the product's main body.
  3. Placement: Place parts 2 and 3 into the PVC pipe and wait for tiling.
  4. Remove the rubbish container part 3 inside the PVC pipe and replace it with a grate.

Additional Features and Benefits

The Builder’s Choice Puddle Flange is not just any puddle flange. Manufactured to meet Australian standards, it offers additional features like an integrated grate that helps in capturing debris, thus enhancing its performance. The flange also provides a flush finish that can easily transition to your tiles, making it suitable for a sophisticated bathroom design.

Waterproofing and Tiling Considerations

When installing a puddle flange, waterproofing is a critical consideration. Apply a waterproof membrane around the puddle flange to ensure maximum water integrity. When it comes to tiling, make sure the tiles are laid on a slope to direct water toward the shower drain. Silicone can be used to seal the corners and edges for additional waterproofing.

"As a plumber, I can't recommend Builder's Choice Puddle Flange enough. It easily fits into 100mm PVC pipes and keeps debris out, preventing costly issues."

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"We used Puddle Flange in our recent residential project and had zero blockages. It's like a security system for your drainage—highly recommended!"

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"Using a Puddle Flange in construction is reassuring and efficient for preventing drainage issues, whether renovating or building new homes."

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Puddle Flanges

Puddle Flange is a specialized flange used to create a watertight seal around pipes, effectively preventing drainage issues in construction and renovation projects.

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