A Sydney-siders tips in how to select and install a bathroom vanity

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A Sydney-siders tips in how to select and install a bathroom vanity

The bathroom is a sacred place, it is a place where we kick start our mornings and the perfect place for us to perform our essential daily rituals. A place where we plan our whole day... and an essential place for self-care. Playing such an important role in our daily lives, it is only right that the bathroom is one of the best rooms in our homes.

In our peaceful sanctuary the central focus is often vanity, it is the centre-peice.

Therefore when it comes to installing our vanities we should conduct it with the utmost care. As anyone who has ever done a renovation would tell you, if you can provide a good foundation - it will last you a lifetime.

We got some tips that might come in handy for you when it comes to installing your new bathroom vanity, basin and fixtures.

How To Install Bathroom Vanity

Positioning and Ventilation

Planning your bathroom furniture positioning is absolutely critical. Vanities must be placed at least 300mm away from any wet areas as the materials used are often moisture resistant but it is not waterproof. Another important point to consider is the type of ventilation in your bathroom in order to eliminate moisture build up. Exposure to high humidity can lead to long-term dampness and mould and in turns deteriorates the materials in the bathroom.

Prepare the right tools for the job

Make sure you have all the correct tools on hand when you plan to install a bathroom vanity. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of your installation when you realise that you lack the right tool to complete the specific task.

The staples you will require for the job usually consist of:

  • Drill or hammer
  • Marking pencil
  • Level
  • Adjustable wrench
  • A bucket
  • A chisel
  • Work gloves
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Caulk

However the number of tools when installing the vanity will be dependent on the type of vanity you are installing.

Get your plumbing ready

You must check the plumbing positions to align with the product's interior configuration.To do so, you will need to measure the correct plumbing locations and drill. If you’re performing major plumbing works to your bathroom, you will need to hire a professional plumbing service in Sydney or in your local area to make sure the job is completed correctly. If you are conducting minor works such as repairing the water supply lines there are high chances of water drainage, so it would be a good idea to keep a bucket handy.

Remove All Drawers To Install A Bathroom Vanity

By removing the drawers, it will make the vanity installation process much smoother and easier. The removal of the drawers will allow you to level and position the vanity with ease and will ensure no parts are damaged during the process.

Test For Leakage

Once you are done with the new vanity and vanity top installation, make sure there are no faults in the water supply lines. If you find any water leakages in the pipe, tighten the valves with the help of a wrench. We suggest using plumbing tape or plumbing putty to stop the leaking sink pipes.

Vanity cabinet or vanity top installation methods vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for easy & fast installation.

How To selection your new vanity

Who is Going to Use it & How

When it comes to who will be using the bathroom vanity cabinet - you may need to consider how much space your bathroom has. If you and your partner often find yourself fighting over the bathroom in the morning and if space allows it - a double basin would be the perfect solution.

You would need to consider how much storage you will require, whether this is a vanity for your personal use - you might require more space for your cosmetic and hair products. Whilst if the vanity was for a guest bathroom, perhaps less storage space is required.

Identify where your plumbing is located

The plumbing pipes are the backbone and soul of your bathroom. You will need to ensure that the water supply layout has to be updated to suit your new vanity. As for the floor mounting vanity, the water supply layout will be simpler in comparison to the wall-mounted vanity requiring maneuvering of the plumbing pipes to ensure it connects with the basin. As the water supply lines aren’t easy to adjust, prior planning is required.

Determine the Basin Style

Above the counter, undermount, semi-inset - there are many styles of basins out there. Making these decisions can be hard but there are a few things you can consider; how much space you have on your vanity, how much storage space you have, the type of feel and look you hope to achieve.

Another factor that needs to be considered when choosing the size of the basin is the size of your vanity. For example if you’re working in a limited space then a small sink will be the best such as a wall hung basin, under counter basin. Whilst above counter basins are often the showstoppers of a bathroom, if you opt for this option - more vanity space is required.

Look At The Obstacles

There can be potential obstacles such as doors or window positioning when it comes to designing your bathroom. For example if your bathroom doors open inwards it may hit the vanity which will lead to wear and tear in the long-term. However these are perfectly avoidable with careful planning.

To identify these obstacles you need to walk around the bathroom area so you can minimise all obstacles. Once you have a better understanding of your own bathroom, you can easily narrow down your vanity specification to get the best finishing of the wall and floors.

Types of Vanities

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to vanity cabinets with virtually all types that will fit any size, budget and taste.

Compact vanity

As the name would suggest, a compact vanities is space-saving and doesn't take up a lot of room, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms or ensuites.

Sold out
  • Tasmanian oak cabinet finish
  • Perfect floor standing vanity for small spaces
  • Simple and practical in tight bathrooms
  • Nano Polymarble top with overflow (reversible with left and right)

Corner vanity

A corner vanity is another simple solution for tight spaces, allowing you to maximise space in the bathroom. One of their perks is that they can be bolted to any corner of the bathroom so you have the convenience of choosing what corner of the bathroom you will like it in.

Sold out
  • Floor-length vanity with a kickboard is available in 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm options
  • Spacious depth of 600mm
  • Open-ended shelf side is 300mm in depth
  • Available in 0 taphole, 1 taphole, or 3 tapholes

Floor-standing vanity

A floor standing vanity unit is the perfect when it comes to creating a luxury look while maximising your storage space. With the added benefit of allowing you to hide all the bathroom products away from sight for a clean look.

Sold out
  • Coastal styling with its wrap-around shiplap panels and multi-drawer configuration.
  • Anna Floor Standing Vanity is available in 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm
  • Includes an above the counter basin
  • Crafted in Australia

Vanity top

When it comes to vanity tops, they are designed to match the cabinet of the bathroom vanities and it includes a slight overhang on the sides and the front. Most vanity top styles come in a variety of sizes and configurations - this means there is a shorter lead time and you won't have to wait weeks before it is made.

Sold out
  • 18mm thick vitrified ceramic
  • Gloss white, glazed finish
  • 3mm tile lip
  • Softly curved bowl design

Wall hung vanity

The wall hung vanity is a popular choice due to its sleek and modern design. It can be easily paired with various contemporary decor schemes. One of the major perks of the wall hung vanity is the ample room under the counter for storage of boxes, bins and cabinets.

Sold out
  • 18mm thick vitrified ceramic
  • Gloss white, glazed finish
  • 3mm tile lip
  • Softly curved bowl design
  • Built-in overflow with chrome cover

Others Factors To Consider For Bathroom Vanity

Mixer and Tapware

Your selection of mixer and tapware will complete the look and feel of the vanity. Your choice of basin will play a significant role in influencing the type of tapware you choose. If you choose an under the counter basin, your tapware will need to be at a height that will reduce splashback. Whilst if you choose an above-the-counter basin, your tapware will need to be tall enough to fit your basin. The way your tapware is displayed on our vanity can vary, the three more common choices include using a basin mixer (1 Taphole), wall mounted wall spouts (0 Tapholes) and three piece tapware (3 Tapholes).

Silicone Caulk

Soudal’s Silicone caulk is one of the holy grails when it comes to filling the gaps around plumbing fixtures. Due to its waterproof properties and its high elasticity it produces a smooth surface finish and is perfect in wet areas. All areas where the cabinet meets the wall must be sealed with silicone to protect it from water seeping into the cracks and damaging the cabinet or the bathroom walls.

Sold out
  • Made in Belgium
  • Neutral cure
  • Mould resistant
  • Highly flexible ± 25%
  • Superior adhesion

One of our biggest renovations for our homes but one that is often the most rewarding and worthwhile. It is a big decision when it comes to selecting and installing a bathroom vanity. There are many variables that need to be considered and a lot of planning is required prior to the commencement of the project. We hope we were able to give you tips and pointers that will be handy on your project!

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