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Introducing the Otti Newport Shaving Cabinet in White Finish. Crafted with attention to detail, this cabinet blends durability and elegance. The rich finish adds sophistication to your bathroom while the functional mirror door aids in grooming rituals. Upgrade your space with this versatile addition that seamlessly integrates into any decor.

Product Features:

-Configuration: 2 pac Polyurethane/Plywood
-Mounting: Wall Mounted
-Doors: 1 Door Soft closing, Can be recessed into walls
-Handle: Fingerpull
-Finish: White
-Features Exterior Mirror - 4mm Copper-free mirror
-Soft Closing Cabinet door, opens left or right 2x Shelf
-Adjustable Shelf

Technical Info

Door: 900x450mm Soft Rectangle Shape
Cabinet: 680x428x102mm

Care Instructions

Acrylic baths
Cleaning your bath
1. To preserve the polished surface, after use, clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water to
wash away any body oils or soap residue that forms a ring tide mark.
Always add oils into a bath full of water. Never pour them into an empty bath.
2. As a weekly cleaner we recommend warm, soapy water.
Do not use powders, pastes, cream cleaners, thinners, window cleaning sprays or dry cleaning liquid, etc.
3. Stubborn marks or fine scratches may be polished out with Brasso.
4. With colour dyes in essentials oils and hair colours, first test that the colour won’t stain your bath.
If it does, use Brasso to remove it.

Solid Surface Basins
Everydaycare cleaning of Otti Australia Solid Surface products, to remove dirt and grime
that may build up on the surface, can be removed with a simple wipe using a damp soapy sponge or cloth,
followed by a rinse.
Do not use harsh chemical products such as acetone or strong acids which will stain the surface of the
product and should not be used. Never pour essential oils directly into an empty bath or basin, always add to
the water.
To remove stains always start with the cleaning method recommended under ‘Everyday Care’ first. If the
stain is still visible, clean using a damp sponge or cloth and a mild abrasive cream or paste cleanser (e.g.
Jif® or Gumption®) using a light, wide, circular motion. Then rinse. Lightly wipe the surface using
a wide circular motion. Take care to rinse the surface thoroughly. This cleaning method should remove most stains.

Vanities, Tall Boy and Shaving Cabinets
Everydaycare cleaning of Otti Australia cabinets products, to remove dust or dirt that may build up on the surface, can be removed with a simple wipe using a damp soapy sponge or cloth.

LED Mirrors and Mirrors
Everydaycare cleaning of Otti Australia mirror products, to remove dust or dirt that may build up on the surface, can be removed with a simple wipe using a slightly damp sponge or cloth. Ensure water does not get into any electrical points.

Warranty & Returns

Warranty Guide

Otti Bathware offers warranty terms that extend the basic requirements. Different product types have different warranty periods and conditions. This guide is for the products used in domestic residential building. For commercial warranty terms contact your sales representative

Vanities10 years12 Months
Tall Boys7 years12 Months
Stone Tops7 years12 Months
Ceramic Tops5 years12 Months
Basins5 years12 Months
Ceramic Sinks7 years12 Months
Attica Baths10 years12 Months
Framed Mirrors12 Months12 Months
LED Mirrors12 Months30 days
Shaving Cabinets12 Months30 days


All products Parts and labour - 12 Months

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