ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm
ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm
ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm
ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm
ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm
ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm

ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm

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Product: Shelf Shaving Cabinet
Dimensions: 450mm (W) x 900mm (H)
Product Features: 

  • Shaving cabinet design that can be recessed into the wall
  • Woodgrain or satin interior cabinet with adjustable shelves matching your choice of cabinet
  • Doors are made of polyurethane and cabinets are constructed from laminate
  • 3x magnified mirror included on the inside of the cabinet door
  • Depth of 120mm
  • Option to choose back door with White, Milton Moon Grey or Black polyurethane finish
  • Option for left or right-hand hinges

Customise yourshaving cabinet
Shelf and internal cabinet available in a woodgrain selection of Cabinet Finishes

What’s in the box

  • ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm

Lead time
All Architectural Designer Products (ADP) are all made to order within Australia. An email will be sent to you the next business day with a confirmation of your chosen specifications for your cabinet. Only once you have responded with a confirmation, we will be able to process your order. Lead time for the below:

  • Woodgrain Cabinets: 3-4 weeks
  • Painted Cabinets: 4-5 weeks
  • Cabinets: 4 weeks


Architectural Designer Products are covered by 10 years Warranty*

The guarantee on vanity tops and other items are:

  • Cabinets (Vanities, Tallboys, and Ensembles, Shaving Cabinets – excluding mirrors): 10 years
  • Cherry Pie, Friday Hybrid Quartz, Caesar stone Benchtops: 7 years
  • Bamboo Cabinets and Tops: 7 years
  • Ceramic Basins: 1 year
  • Mirrors (Including mirrored surfaces on cabinets): 1 year
  • Hardware: 7 years
  • Electrical, Lighting, Plumbing Fittings, Waste, and Traps: 1 year

All products manufactured by Architectural Designer Products (ADP) are of the uppermost standard and are in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. ADP offers a warranty period on products from the date of purchase and that the products are free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions detailed on their website.

There will be no returns for custom-made orders. Please check the specifications of the product prior to placing your order.

For further enquiries regarding the after-sale and service, you can contact ADP directly on (02) 4271 2444 for assistance.  

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ADP Stadium Shaving Cabinet 450mm